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Antisocial or social? Or compromise for camping this weekend and be both?

This weekend my wife and I are going camping with a group of people, a few she met online and has met in person, but a whole host of others, all of whom I don’t know.

So what do I plan on doing?


Being antisocial and sticking my nose in a book.

Which book? Actually, I made a list of possibilities including the following:

I have a pile of others, which can be found here and here, with the exception of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice and Brasyl, which I’ve already read.

So which of these would you choose? Or do you recommend I be social and put down the books? Or maybe, just maybe, do a little of both: be social and antisocial? Hmmm, that might work too.

Speaking of antisocial, and apropos of nothing, here’s one of my favorite groups with a song by the same name: