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Oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again

Camping 4 June 2010

Saw these signs on the way back from our camping two weekends ago in New York State. The sign that really caught me was the “Right To Farm Law.” I thought everyone had a right to farm in America and didn’t know there had to be a law established to farm, but there you go.

Obviously, being a CCR fan, I was struck by the Lodi sign too, although this wasn’t the one about which the song was written.

Camping 5 June 2010

I also found these signs in Lodi “interesting” to say the least, so I pulled over and took a picture — quickly, before the owners came out, thinking I was one of the perpetrators for whom they were looking.

I’ll end this post with, what else, the song from Creedence Clearwater Revival:

and bɹutɛ tu

Camping 1 June 2010

The above photo is of where our tent was when we camped last weekend with a group of friends of my wife’s. No, it wasn’t a tornado that took the tent, but my wife who spirited it away last Monday morning as we were getting ready to leave. Shortly after that, I remembered we had a camera.

Here is a wider shot to show the campsite of the couple next to us, the Hicks, as they were tearing down:

Camping 2 June 2010

That’s Brian and Liz Hicks in the photo.

Camping 6.5 June 2010

That blank spot is where the Watson and Stoltz families were. The Watsons had a family emergency and had to leave Sunday night, and the Stoltzes had left just previous to that, because they’d had enough of camping and all of us (mostly all of us, I think).

Here is a diagram of (roughly) where everybody’s tent (and dog) were:

Camping 6 June 2010

Even though I didn’t include it in the photo, the Watsons’ dog did have a chain. I think his name was Brutus, which I know I should remember as much as the Watsons (and their kids) had to keep yelling at him to not bark at other people (and dogs). “Brut! Brut! Brut!”

In his defense, he is a 15-month-old dog and he has to put up with four kids normally. Well, not normal kids, mind you, but normally, that is with what he has to deal.

Last but not least were the Bownases. Ted was the dude who got us all together.

Camping 3 June 2010

That’s Ted in the background taking down the camper (oh, yeah, he’s not normal either).

Maybe next time, I’ll remember that we had the camera at the beginning of the weekend and you actually can see photos of the people with whom we camped. This time, for the most part, you’ll just have to imagine.

This is the second of a three-part series about last weekend’s camping trip that began here with what we saw on the way to the campground and will end with one more part about a couple of things we saw on the way home.

Antisocial or social? Or compromise for camping this weekend and be both?

This weekend my wife and I are going camping with a group of people, a few she met online and has met in person, but a whole host of others, all of whom I don’t know.

So what do I plan on doing?


Being antisocial and sticking my nose in a book.

Which book? Actually, I made a list of possibilities including the following:

I have a pile of others, which can be found here and here, with the exception of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice and Brasyl, which I’ve already read.

So which of these would you choose? Or do you recommend I be social and put down the books? Or maybe, just maybe, do a little of both: be social and antisocial? Hmmm, that might work too.

Speaking of antisocial, and apropos of nothing, here’s one of my favorite groups with a song by the same name: