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Going to me on this Meandering Monday (#38)

Most of the time when I have blogged on Mondays, I have spent my blog entries on the random shit of the world, or, in other words,

I spent my life exploring
The subtle whoring
That costs too much to be free

But today, I’m going to go to me, and be honest, because we know

Honesty is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard.

So here is where I am:

Or so I feel like except I’m not being held some shirtless guy, but am barely holding myself from falling in as I have yet another lingering allergy headache.

I figured if there’s anything you needed today, this was mostly what you needed from me: Honesty.

Tomorrow, I’ll cut to the scene from the interior, to continue being true to myself.

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Image courtesy of The Confessional Outhouse

Meandering Monday #37: The Benedictine edition

This week’s Meandering Monday is brought to you by the Benedictines, specifically Mount Saviour Monastery near Elmira, N.Y. where I visited this past weekend.

Guests are very accommodating as seen by this note found on the coat rack in the chapel:


In the basement of the chapel, meanwhile, Mary’s patience is wearing thin with her new son:

Our Lady Queen of Peace

As he grew older, Mary still finds herself impatient with him as seen here in this statue in St. Joseph Guest House where I stayed:

Mary teaching Jesus to read

A reading teacher, who was a guest along with me this past weekend, said that is how you have to teach brats like that.

Mary, though, finally gets her revenge, by making him, even at the age of 33, stand in a field for three days:

Wooden Jesus

And last but not least:
St. Joseph guest house


A few shout-outs to members of Humor Bloggers dot com this Monday:

1. ettarose of Sanity on Edge first, who organized Guess the Baby Bloggers Contest (click here to see if you can guess first), and then who announced the winner with the bloggers revealed here.

2. Frank Lee MeiDere of i probably don’t like you who organized the HBDC Virtual Road Trip earlier this summer and now is working to put together a souvenir book, complete with self-penned comics, of the entire trip. It’s not finished yet, but so far, it looks really good.

3. and VE of VE’s Fantastical Nonsense who included this blog in his latest round of spoofs of his readers’ blogs, and I feel quite honored (and er, humbled, at the same time).


For a more serious photo post on my past weekend’s visit to Mount Savior, visit here.

Meandering Monday #36: My special cup, Caffeine Free Mountain Dew (WTF?) and Children Of…

For today’s Meandering Monday, I’m truly going a-meandering…

Today through Friday, you can Guess the Baby Blogger from
Humor Bloggers dot com at Sanity on Edge. One of the lovely photos is mine. Guess which one and you get a badge from ettarose.

TV Guide cup

This is my special cup.

We all have one, a special cup, glass or mug, don’t we? (See Ray Gomes of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, for a prime example, of a really special cup.) And if we’re guys and we don’t, we wish we did:

Mine was a reward for subscribing to TV Guide years ago. If you look closely at the photo of the cup above, you can still see a few listings that haven’t been rubbed off over the years.

Unbelievably, partially visible is one of my favorites: Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering:

I soooo can’t wait for the new Children of the Corn USA movie coming out later this fall. Oh, yeah…

…which, for some reason, all this talk of Children Of…reminds me of one of my favorite songs:

Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew

I was wondering through the store the other day and saw the above abomination, first in regular and then in diet.

My late grandfather, who worked for Pepsi for more than 30 years, is rolling in his grave even now.

I feel you, Grandpa. I feel you.

Meandering Monday #35: Facebook Musings – and Rat Dog, Shut the *!##2!* up already

Why is it that on Facebook’s Bejeweled Blitz, four out of the top five on my friends’ list are female humor bloggers?

The four are Kathy of The Junk Drawer, Margaret of Nanny Goats in Panties, Quirky Loon of Musings of a Quirky Loon and Susan (aka ettarose) of Sanity on Edge?

The fifth, currently in second place, also is a humor blogger: Lincoln McCardle of Canucklehead.

Is this God’s idea of a joke? Or Mark Zuckerberg’s?

You may think this is funny, oh, Facebook Creator, but I don’t.


Facebook Pet Peeve #1: Friends who don’t talk to you but talk to everyone else. Recently, I took one of those stupid quizzes: “How well do you know…” of an ex-friend of mine from elementary and high school. He answered everyone else around him but didn’t say word one to me. I say, “ex-friend of mine,” because I kicked him, profile and quizzes, to the curb.

Facebook Pet Peeve #2: Friends who live on the same street as you IRL but won’t talk to you IRL. This one I have to blame on myself. I “friended” them, because I thought hey, maybe this will be a way for them to talk to me IRL. Nope. They still ignore me. As I said in an earlier blog post to my first Facebook casualty:

Say Bye Bye Gaara ^_^
Oh, the rat dog: our neighbor has one that just won’t shut up. It routinely invades not only my morning musings, but also mine and my wife’s Sunday afternoon naps.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that he/she really is a rat dog.

To wit:

Cairn Terriers are ratters. In Ireland they would search the cairns (large rock piles) for rats and other rodents [emphasis mine].

And it’s the same kind of dog as Toto (aka Terry). Hmmmm, now if only I can find a basket somewhere here…


Put the f—ing dog in the basket!

…and believe me, I’ll put a lock big enough on the basket that little f—er won’t be able to escape either.
A Large Lock:  Powered by force

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Credits: Anime bye-bye: Photo courtesy of ItachixSakura_4_ever on Photobucket; Rat terrier: courtesy of Wikimedia, Poesje87; bearbeitet von Freundlicher Zeitgenosse. Lock: courtesy of Webshots.