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My CityVille city’s in ruins and I don’t care

About an hour ago, I actually posted on one of my Facebook profiles the above request from the game CityVille and realized this was the last straw for me and the game. It wasn’t bad enough that I was begging … Continue reading


Jesus knows what you’ve been reading

If you were just looking at it quickly, wouldn’t you think it was Jesus watching over our check-in screen at the library? Like Santa, he knows when you’ve been good or bad — but by your reading. As for the … Continue reading


Sports announcers. You can’t watch sports with them; you can’t watch sports without them. Well, you can, but then what would make you fun of? Today while watching the Daytona 500, a couple of the announcers mentioned about one of … Continue reading


L’chaims and na zdrovias to all the rich mofos in da house

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White House photo You probably didn’t think this is where I would go today, but really where else could I go? The questions I have like everyone else are what were they drinking and what were they were toasting? It … Continue reading