The Boy Who Cried Wolf Cries Wolf Again — For The Last Time


In October of last year, I declared the end of this blog with a post called “And now the end is near…”

I cited as my life already was undergoing a couple of changes:

  1. Resigning from my job as a newspaper correspondent and thus ending 15 years in the newspaper business as my hours increase at the library where I work,
  2. Giving up volunteering at the local senior center also

it was time to make a change with my blogging, namely to:

  1. Close the curtain on this blog.
  2. And open the curtain on a new blog.

Then in December of last year, in another post called “More blogger navel-gazing…”, I announced that I was returning to this blog while also keeping the new blog, because:

  1. The numbers weren’t climbing.
  2. The design on my new blog was confusing to many of you.

I said at that time: “For me to relegate those posts to a dead blog is for me to turn my back on my history, not only of my blogging life but also of my…gasp…REAL life. Who knows maybe there is something not only for me to learn from these past posts but maybe also those who read these humble scribblings/typings?”

However, now after being back here after almost five months, I am thinking that it is time to close this blog, not to turn my back on my history, but to close a chapter or maybe even chapters — lengthy and important chapters, but chapters nonetheless — of my history. I have learned from these past posts and they still will be here for me and others to read the humble (and sometimes not so humble) scribblings.

Chapter 1

To wit, when I began blogging in late October 2005, my goal was to chronicle my journey to reach a marathon by the time I was 40. In September 2007, I finished the 25-mile Bald Eagle Mountain Megatransect, which while short of a marathon, was at least as exhausting physically, mentally and spiritually as a marathon, and in essence completed that goal. Thus ended my first blog, Just A Running Fool.

Chapter 2

Then in late April 2008, I began another now defunct blog Just A (Reading) Fool to  keep track of what I had read, was reading and wanted to read. Yes, I still keep track of what I have read, am reading and want to read, but I am not strictly a book blogger and is why I ended that blog also. That chapter of my life, strictly as a book blogger, is over, even though I still am in contact with many book bloggers and I will continue to remain in contact with them.

Chapter 3

In December 2007, I began the now defunct blog Journeying with the Saints to chronicle the rest of a journey through The Spiritual Exercises Of St. Ignatius of Loyola that began in September 2007 and ended May 2008. There, I reflected on the Exercises first and then, after I was done with them, on other devotions with a special emphasis on the works of the saints– from Ignatius to St. John of the Cross and St. Benedict, to name a few– as well as sharing resources for devotions and the Exercises. I still find Ignatius’ Examen a worthwhile exercise to reflect on the week or even the day. However, within the last month, my wife and I both have decided that the Catholic Church to which we converted isn’t for us anymore. Thus closes another chapter.

Chapter 4

The other blog(s) I had were called Unfinished Ramblings and Unfinished Rambler, even using the identity Unfinished Rambler, an alter ego to Unfinished Person. They were humor blogs and I was associated with two different humor blogging communities, but to simplify it more than it really was, when those communities died, my blogs…and my humor, to some degree…died.


So now what?

Unfinished Person will live on, but not on this blog. I now can be found at Unfinishedwhere I will keep track of what I’m reading, what I’m listening to and what I’m watching as well as anything else that comes to mind — even maybe sometimes things that strike me humorous.

I’m not changing my name, because like all of you, I am a work in progress. You and I are still…

…unfinished. I hope you will follow my journey  toward becoming a more complete person on my new blog.

Note: This blog will remain here, as I’m not just deleting seven years of work with a snap of my fingers. On Monday, I will be putting up a final page on the blog (“You have reached the end of this blog..”), including a link to the new blog for future visitors. The archives and categories still will be accessible on the sidebar.

6 responses to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf Cries Wolf Again — For The Last Time

  1. There are just times in life when change is needed, and I think just making the decision to move forward with a change is usually a huge relief. I will follow the other blog too of course. 🙂

  2. unfinishedperson


  3. Okay than, I will be adding your NEW blog to my reader, right now.

  4. Bryan, I think you are so awesome! Most bloggers would just stick to one thing or one site but you stay open to new changes. I really admire you for that. Of course, I’ll follow you over to your other blog. 🙂

    • Thanks, Natasha, for sticking with me and my (new) blog. I hope that others will remain too. I should have stayed over there previously, but caved to the pressure. 😦