Gellin’ and Zinfandelin’

Well,  Sunday night I finally broke down and did it.

I got gel insoles for my shoes, because my feet have been killing me at my work at the library.

Now don’t laugh, please, because while it’s true that I’m not standing on a concrete factory floor for 12 hours a day like some folks have to, I am standing and walking most of my time at the library. It isn’t painful at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day, it can be and when you need to walk a mile home (yes, through the knee-deep snow oftentimes and with the wind whipping ice pellets into your face, like back in the day) after your shift, that isn’t something you’re looking forward to.

So now I hope to be looking forward to those long walks home through the wind, the snow, the sleet and the rain as I’ll be gellin’:

The Zinfandelin’ will happen later in the week, when I can look back at all the snowdrifts (okay, more metaphorical than actual, but still it is a pile of something) I’ve trekked through and be glad I’ll have a break over the weekend from them.

So what’s holding you back from walking more? Do you need gel insoles? For the record, mine actually were generic ones, from Rite-Aid and weren’t Dr. Scholl’s, so don’t let the price hold you back from getting out there and walking comfortably. (Um, yes, I know it’s Tuesday when I’m publishing this, but better late than never…)

6 responses to “Gellin’ and Zinfandelin’

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  2. Oh my questions are AWESOME! Though honestly I don’t care if the meme dies with me. Most of the people I plan on tagging are either not book bloggers or don’t have a blog. 😉

  3. Hope the gel inserts help. I have TERRIBLE feet–actually had surgery on one foot when I was a junior in high school (only teenager in the world who has bunions!).

    PS–thinking about tagging you in a meme. Would you object? It’s that one that’s gone totally viral amongst book bloggers. Post going up tomorrow.

  4. You’re soft. When I was a kid I walked five miles in the snow barefoot to school and then five miles back again at the end of the day. I don’t need gel foot pads now. My feet froze off many years ago.