February: Here I go again, my finger is on the button

The Sunday Salon.comNo, I don’t know where I’m going
But I sure know where I’ve been

So sings David Coverdale in “Here I Go Again,” and so it goes with me to use a more literary reference than Whitesnake. I don’t know exactly what my next read will be after today, but I know I’ve finished six books so far this year and am working on my seventh, Nemesis by  Jo Nesbø. I mentioned the six in the post “Six down, at least 43 to go” earlier in the week.

I also know that the TBR pile has been culled (thanks to a comment on that post that reminded me how boring the one series I thought I wanted to read is) and then added to since that post to now stand at 39. I also have another resource besides my Nook, my own bookshelf and my hometown library (where I work) to find not only books that are on the pile, but also books that can be added to the pile. That resource is the Free Library of Philadelphia, from which I just received my card and now can check out e-books.

Anyone who is 65 or older or who has a valid card with an Access PA sticker from another Pennsylvania library can obtain a Free Library card without charge by filling out an online application and so as someone who has a valid card with an Access PA sticker from another Pennsylvania library (or at least is a member of an Access PA library), I decided to take advantage of that. Now I have two books on hold at the Free Library of Philadelphia, including the one I’m reading now. I just want to see if it comes in before I finish it. The other one is Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, the first in the Philip Marlowe series.

As for what I’ll read next, I don’t know. A few commenters highly recommended Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and at least two suggested the audiobook version of Bossypants by Tina Fey, which I purchased last month from Audible. But depending on how the rest of Nemesis goes (so far, so good), I might want to delve more into Nesbø’s books. I already do know I want to continue reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. II during my dinner hours at work, but along with that, I’m not sure what I’ll include. The only good thing is I now have a good list from which to start. Now (to mix musical metaphors) I just have to galvanize and push the button.

So how was your reading in January? What do you have on your radar for February? What have you already started? What are you considering reading next?

In addition to talking about my next reads in the upcoming months, I also participated in Poetry: Read More/Blog More on Jan. 31 by contributing my own poem and looked back on how I’m doing so far with the three resolutions I made at the start of the year. 

28 responses to “February: Here I go again, my finger is on the button

  1. Rebecca!!! Or Bossypants…just because I’m dying to see a man’s perspective. Ha! My post is written but just don’t have the energy to post this week. Bah. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Loving the chemical brothers music video! My January reading was very respectable. I was happy with it. I’m currently working on Wild swans and Hunger games. Two very different books! Also I’m reading fathermucker but that has been pushed aside for hunger games for now as HG is a ebook loan so limited time only.

  3. 39 seems like such a manageable TBR. Oh to have only 39 books to read. I’m so bad at focusing my reading. I really tend to just read on a whim.

  4. I can’t believe you’ve read 6 books already this year! WOW.

  5. I’m on Feast of Crows, the 4th in the Game of Thrones series or more accurately Song of Ice and Fire series. I’m going to take a break from George R.R. Martin though.

    On deck are the Steve Jobs biography, 11/22/63 by Stephen King, Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone – The Essential Writing of Hunter S. Thompson and The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt (short-listed for the Man-Booker Prize).

  6. You’ve had a pretty good January for reading! My reading was pretty good, managed to finish 6 books. This week, I managed to finish two, The Mists of Avalon and Flags of Our Fathers.

    For this month, I have some Ian Fleming on tap along with some Agatha Christie, aside from that, I’m not quite sure. I’m definitely going to look into the Nesbo series and see if it’s something I might enjoy!

  7. I think you’re doing great with your reading. The Big Sleep has been on my tbr list for years so I can’t wait to read your thoughts on it. I’m still reading the same books I started reading back in early January. I’m hoping to finish them this month. Have a good week!

  8. I had to go back and look at that post to see which series was boring – and then I laughed, because I read The No 1. Ladies’ Detective Agency and thought it was boring, too – never read any of the other books in the series, although I like some of the author’s other work.

    I had a great January – mostly 4- and 5-star reads. Finished The Maze Runner series. Am no gobbling up Divergent (love dystopian) and also reading a book of essays by Margaret Atwood called In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination (about science fiction); The Last Storyteller by Frank Delaney; and Pretty by Jillian Lauren.

    On audio, I’m alternating between Digging to America by Anne Tyler and A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd, which is the first in the Bess Crawford mysteries set in World War I. Both very good so far.

  9. January was a great reading month, and I’m whittling down those TBR books right and left. This week, I toppled three off those stacks.

    Rereading Rebecca is on my list for this year…it’s sitting on my office coffee table, along with other rereads like Jamaica Inn and Gone with the Wind.

    Today, however, I’m reading a book from a new to me author…and here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST and here’s

  10. I’ve got Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” on deck, right behind William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition.” PR is going pretty slow, however. If it doesn’t get a hook in me at the halfway point, I may just abandon it.

    “Ender’s Game” is a nostalgic throwback. It was a fave of mine as a kid, but I’ve forgotten it mostly. It a whole series now too; I want to see how much/if my tastes have changed.

    • I’ve always wanted to read books by Gibson, but I was afraid that they might be pretty slow as you’re finding. I read Ender’s Game but couldn’t get into the series as much, especially Speaker for the Dead.

      So who are you pulling for today, Michael? I’m pulling for the Giants, just because I’m not a Patriots fan. However, I really don’t care since I’m a Steelers fan.

      • Regarding the Superbowl? I wasn’t pulling for anyone. I’m shocked the two teams that made it did. Meh.

        William Gibson? Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive -essentially William Gibson’s first five works- are totally Sci-Fi genius.

        I mean reinventing SCI-FI stuff-type genius.

        • Ah, so this is an anomaly for Gibson? Okay. I understand.

          • Gibson has a mediocre work or two. But they were also somewhat style over substance. I’ve never put one down and said, “That sucked!” Definitely anomalies. Like I said, Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, and Count Zero “set the stage” for his universe nicely. Gibson is around 8/10.

            Don’t forget Philip K. Dick. PKD suffers from a certain “richness” in his storytelling -and his characters feel a little cartoonish sometimes- but he has quite a Hollywood pedigree already, and they’ve only scratched the surface frankly.

            Lastly, HP Lovecraft. He wrote horror in the 1920s. I grabbed a thesaurus and did my first story almost like a math problem. Thought he was just totally bonkers until I inexplicably read a second, and realized all his books happen simultaneously. Lovecraft is the Tolkien of horror.

      • Now that I think about it, I was kinda leaning toward the Patriots (I didn’t know you disliked them specifically). Of the two teams the only person I knew with ANY skin in that game was Chris, so I sort of defaulted to them. The thing I LIKE about Brady is that between plays he fretfully pores over the playbooks like he’s running a Navy Seal team in his spare time via satellite,

        Hmmmm … Brady hasn’t won a Superbowl since he met Gisele, has he? Maybe Chris should, you know, put some SWERVES on Gisele. You know, take one for the TEAM.


  11. Oh, I have loved the Nesbo books. I have read all but one of the Harry Hole series and reviewed all but two. I did have trouble with one of them — just too much for me to keep track of given my limited sense of Norwegian names, places and history — but I liked the rest so much that I may go back and read the one I skipped. I also have gotten many hits from the Netherlands whenever I post. (Is it a hub for Scandinavia?) I now think I have more readers there than here.
    Happy Nesbo reading.