Poetry: Read More/Blog More No. 1: Poem

When I learned this past weekend from Serena that Lu, Kelly, and Eva had issued the following challenge: post about poetry once a month, on the last Tuesday of the month, for 2012, I knew I had to participate.  However, I didn’t know what I was going to write about poetry. So I’ve decided to keep my first entry simple with a poem of my own from several years ago that I did at a reading, simply (lazily) titled:


-- after reading Tao Te Ching
translated by Stephen Mitchell

Strain not for the word,
let it come
like OM.
As simple as breath.
As deadly as
the viper,
let it sink its
skin into your skin
until you become
the whisper of
we all are
a breath lost
in the whirlwhind
nothing more,
something less by
less this way
of the gone world
spit out on
the page.

14 responses to “Poetry: Read More/Blog More No. 1: Poem

  1. Totally awesome to share this poem on your blog. I can see how you were inspired by the writer and the translation here. NICE!

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing a poem you wrote yourself! You’re very brave. It’s a lovely poem. Like Trish, I’m especially fond of the “om” part. I also imagined it to be long and drawn out 🙂

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  6. I love it!! Think my favorite part is the OM–though I imagine it drawn out as Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm. Thank you for sharing–hope you’ll be sharing more in the coming months.

  7. Excellent poem. I love the way you chose to begin this event. 🙂 (Also, awesome title.)

  8. Thank you for this, it is wonderful.

  9. I love the image of the viper. Great poem–thanks for sharing.

  10. I wish you’d get back into writing even more poems. I still want my own copy of the one you gave grandma about grandpa. Wow. That one is amazing.

  11. Lovely! I like it.

  12. The hardest thing to do is nothing.
    Your poem is beautiful, and thank you for sharing it.

  13. thanks for the poem & here’s one in return
    The Knowledge
    Perception slinked
    in all …cat.
    Dined upon my innards
    then cleaned itself,
    I sat and watched
    this act took
    no part in the feast
    shared no part in the
    conclusion, and left.

  14. I love the fleeting nature of life presented here and yet the power that it holds when it does come. Very nice.