Ah, poetry, yes!

The Sunday

Poetry and I have had an on-and-off again relationship since my days in college.

It all started with a class on contemporary poetry, then continued with another class on poetry writing and finally ended (in college anyway) with an independent class with me penning my own poetry. I even submitted a few poems to poetry mags and had some accepted too (oooh la la).

After college, I tried to write poetry for a while and had a poetry reading of my own work at a local theater several years later. Now, though, I haven’t written any new poems in a couple of years but I still read poetry from time to time, mostly thanks to a few book bloggers.

So when I saw a few poetry challenges on Serena’s blog Savvy, Verse and Wit, I thought what better way to dip my feet back into the poetry pool? The first one, I saw was one she is doing in conjunction with a few other bloggers called Poetry: Read More/Blog More — A Monthly Event. The challenge is to post about poetry once a month, starting this Tuesday, Jan. 30.

The second challenge is the 2012 Fearless Poetry Exploration Challenge. The rules are:

1. Create a post on your blog stating your intention to read poetry in 2012 and sign up in Mr. Linky. If you don’t have a blog, simply leave a comment about reading poetry in 2012.

2. Choose one of the following options to complete the challenge:

a. Read and review up to 2 books of poetry throughout 2012 and leave the full link to each review in Mr. Linky.

b. Participate in at least 3 Virtual Poetry Circles throughout the year.

c. Sign up to feature poetry on your blog for April’s National Poetry Month as part of Savvy Verse & Wit’s Blog Tour.

d. Or some combination of the above.

3. Complete your goals between Jan. 1, 2012, and Dec. 31, 2012.

The third challenge is part of this second challenge, participating in the Virtual Poetry Circle (see link above), where we post a poem (any poem from anywhere) for our readers to read. The only thing I’m curious about is how to get it in the right format so that I don’t lose the line breaks. I’ll have to ask Serena about that (although I guess I am now in a way asking her that).

This is my announcement that I am accepting the gauntlet(s) that Serena has thrown on her blog and plan to write more about poetry in the upcoming year. Who knows? Maybe it will even inspire me to write poetry again.

Ah, poetry, yes!


Reading update: As for what I’m reading today, I’m continuing with The Redbreast by  Jo Nesbø, the first in the Harry Hole series. Last night, I finished my fourth book of the year, Laura by Vera Caspray, before watching the movie with a group on Twitter as part of an event called Hitchfest, and earlier in the week, I finished my third book,  Cover Her Face, the first Adam Dalgliesh mystery, by P.D. James. I wrote about that in a post in which I also talked about a few places you can find ebooks for free. Earlier in the week I also posted my latest Patron of the Week: Mrs. Don’t-Get-Me-Started-About-Obama with some readers already finishing in the comments what she wouldn’t say that day.

So did you read anything good this past week? What’s on your reading radar for today/this week? Do you read or write poetry? If not, maybe you can join Serena’s challenge(s) too.

17 responses to “Ah, poetry, yes!

  1. Poetry lives in my head like nothing else does. How would I get through life without it? I love sharing it, and seeing what kinds of poetry other people like.

  2. Sorry about all those crazy comments…lol I’m glad that the post to the help section works…that’s how I figured it out.

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  4. This week I’ve been reading The Mists of Avalon. Next on my radar is Flags of our Fathers, and then after that, not quite sure what’s up after that.

    Regarding poetry, never been a real fan; however, two years ago I did read Dante’s The Divine Comedy which was hard to read, but really good. I have also read The Iliad. I also have on my radar Paradise Lost.

    I’ve never tried my hand at writing poetry, but my brother writes it quite frequently. I think I’ll go ahead and bring that challenge. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!

  5. I finished The Informationist yesterday – I think you would really like it – fantastic thriller!

  6. I do recall loving some poetry back in college…and have always been fond of poets like Robert Frost and a few others.

    I haven’t done much poetry reading since, however. And I’ve read fiction written in verse (Ellen Hopkins) and don’t enjoy it at all.

    However, I have thought of experiencing it again…thanks for the reminder.

    MY SUNDAY SALON POST – and here’s

  7. Ah, poetry. I just cannot get into it. I appreciate those who both love it and write it though. Good luck with the challenge!

    Four books already! You are on a roll!

    I’m trying to finish a historical fiction novel about the Bronze Age in Ireland. Interesting but one of those that doesn’t quite compel me to keep reading. If I finish it today, I will consider it time well-spent.

    Happy Sunday!

  8. I love poetry but I don’t feel like I read it enough. I used to write it in high school. Maybe I’ll join one of the challenges. After homework, I’ll probably try to read a few more pages in How Georgia Became O’Keefe by Karen Karbo. Have a great Sunday.

  9. Ok, that didn’t work! I’ll email you

    • alas, you did not leave me an email and I couldn’t find it here, so:

      You asked about posting poetry without losing formatting. You have to cut and paste into the HTML wordpress window option (not the visual)

      And when you paste, you have to start the beginning of the poem with this HTML code

       no spaces between the symbols and the letters and once you have all of the poem pasted, you end the code with 

      again no spaces.

      I hope that helps and shows up without actually doing it here. 🙂

  10. Ah, thanks for joining us! It’s going to be great. I already have my first poetry post ready for Tuesday, Jan. 31. And when you post poetry, you use the following HTML code at the beginning

     and at the end 

    Will that show up? I have no idea…if not I’ll email you.

  11. Poetry – now there’s an old friend I haven’t visited for a while. Although I can’t commit to any challenges at this time, I think it’s an excellent idea to dust off some of the collections of poetry I have.

    This week I have been reading Jung Chang’s Wild Swans. I still have to review Game of Thrones which I have just finished and I’m hoping to get Saving CeeCee Honeycutt this week as I have to read and review it for the magazine and book club by 10th February.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!