Finishing my second book, moving on to the next and joining the ranks of FictFact

The Sunday Salon.comToday I’ll be continuing Cover Her Face, the first Adam Dalgliesh mystery, by P.D. James. This past week, I finished my second book of the year,   Goldfinger by Ian Fleming as narrated by Simon Vance. I listened to it as part of the Shaken, Not Stirred audiobook challenge, and took part in a Twitter discussion last night on it before the group watched the movie of the same name, continuing the discussion.

I would have participated too in that discussion, but the disc that Netlfix sent me had a crack in it, so I was unable to do so. Appropriately to an audiobook challenge, I guess, I did “listen in” to the conversation and added a few tweets to the chat. It was interesting to hear the insight of Vance himself, who participates in the Twitter discussions, on the movies. Not only does he embody Bond in voice, but also he knows Bond in whatever format he can be found: books, audiobooks, movies. I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had asked him a question about songs used in Bond movies, he could have told us that too.

Looking back at the week on the blog:

One last note before I go: after a few of you mentioned it last week, I joined FictFact to keep track of all the series I’m reading, have read or would like to read. So far, I have 77 series with 317 books read. If you’d like to connect there, my username is…and this might shock you…unfinishedperson.

So how did you do this past week with your reading? What are you planning to read today and/or later this week? As for later in the week, I plan on continuing with The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 2 during my lunch/dinner hours at work and starting either Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier or The Redbreast by  Jo Nesbø, the first in the Harry Hole series.

15 responses to “Finishing my second book, moving on to the next and joining the ranks of FictFact

  1. Welcome to FictFact! It is such a great way to keep track of series, especially for those of us who are in the middle of series that are still being written.

    I think Simon Vance has the perfect voice for Bond.

  2. Hello! Thanks for the comment on my post and apologies for the food cravings I may have induced 😉 That 2009 spread was one for the ages!

    I have a friend like yours who keeps on adding to my TBR pile. I love it but its also a touch annoying for me that I don’t have time to keep pace with all of his awesome suggestions! Once this thesis is killed off, I will – muahaha! Thanks for telling us about FictFact – I will go and check it out 🙂

  3. Well, I’m glad you stuck around for the movie tweets anyway! *And* I’m psyched that you’ll be joining us for Quantum of Solace as well (be sure to check out my FYI post about the collection of short stories – it’s a not a review of QOS, just some important info you may want to vet before you spend an audible credit)

    I was on fictfact for awhile; but I found it was becoming another time suck for me: lots of things for me to check off and look up and ergo feed my OC-like behavior :-/

    I’m doing horribly with my personal reading. I started off this year strongly, reading a book every couple of days then all of the sudden I found myself slagging off on my pace! It’s not so much a slump as that Real Life keeps “interfering!” Plus, I was enervated by the condition of my home office; but I’m working on that 😉 All that said, I’m determined to finish The Unit (by Ninni Holmqvist) this week, write a review on it and then start Running the Rift (by Naomi Benaron.)

    • You’re the second person this morning to mention Running the Rift. Another of the Sunday Saloners mentioned it. Does that mean I should read it? Hmmmm?

      As for your posts about QOS, yep, saw it and only will be purchasing the one collection instead of the others for the other movies since they’re the same things. Thanks for letting us know ahead of time. It helps.

      I understand about FictFact. I’ve had to drop a lot of time-killers: PinInterest? Really? What’s it good for? I don’t know either.

  4. Oh no – how annoying that the disc from Netflix was cracked 😦

    Glad you joined FictFact – I’ve foiund it extremely useful for tracking my series and getting updates about upcoming books. I need to get over there and update my list though. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some new ones to add.

    I’s been a frustrating reading week for me. Not enough time to read, I finally finished my second book of 2012 last night and started a new one (Buddha in the Attic by Jule Otsuka), I’m hoping for some major reading time today.

  5. I didn’t know Simon Vance was participating in the Twitter discussions – that’s pretty cool! Bummer you couldn’t watch the film – I hate it when a disc arrives like that.

    I’m at Fictfact, too – but I haven’t decided whether it’s useful or just one more thing to keep track of yet….

    • The first time I was there, I didn’t realize he monitored the conversation and I might shouldn’t have said some things I did. But now that I know he’s there, I’m a bit kinder…:)

      • Do you not enjoy his reading?

        • I like parts of his reading…his Bond is very good, but in Dr. No, I didn’t like his interpretation of a character named Honey, a white Jamaican. It actually ground my nerves every time I heard it, and this last one, he didn’t do American accents very well…which he admitted that he did suck at…when the book was made, about 10 years ago. He has since improved, I understand. Also I’ve mentioned in another post that I like how he brings out the humor in Bond’s character that I might have missed if just reading it for myself. Plus nobody’s perfect. I use too many parentheses and too many ellipses (as evidenced by this comment) in my writing…oh, well. 🙂

  6. This week has been somewhat of a slow reading week for me. I’ve been reading Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon. I also plan on continuing my reading of it this week.

    What were your thoughts on Goldfinger? Goldfinger is one of my all-time favorite Bond movies.

    I’ll definitely check out FictFact as I’ve never heard of it until now!

    • The book was boring…one long card game followed by one long golf match before it finally got to the action in the last third of the book. As for the movie, I couldn’t say because my disc was broken :(.

  7. It’s been a good week, in that I’ve finished a “chunkster” on my TBR stacks…thus satisfying tasks in two challenges.

    And I enjoyed the book.

    Here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST and here’s