So what happened to you and that eating frogs thing?

That is the burning question, isn’t it?

At least, it is the burning question for me this morning.

Back in November, I committed myself to eating a frog a day. Then at the start of this month, I committed myself to keep it stupid simple with only three resolutions: walk, read and pray daily. So how do I reconcile the two? And if I don’t reconcile them completely, does that make me a bad person? Am I a failure if I don’t do one or the other?

The answer to those questions, of course, are: I don’t know exactly, no, and no. However, I am still going to try to eat the frogs in my life while still keeping it simple stupid. To that end, I’m going to continue what I mentioned at the end of November: using private lists on daily, weekly and monthly to help propel me forward and help me overcome procrastination, starting today –as soon as I am finished publishing this post.

Stuffed frogs

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So are there any things you’ve committed to that you’re procrastinating on? If so, why not get off your collective buttocks and join me in eating the frogs in your life too?

6 responses to “So what happened to you and that eating frogs thing?

  1. Better to start today than tomorrow!! My husband is trying to kick a bad habit and keeps telling me that he’ll do it tomorrow or after the weekend or after… I keep telling him TOMORROW WILL ALWAYS BE TOMORROW.

    Anyway. I feel like I’m really kicking butt on my goals. I’ve only finished one (making something from Pinterest) but am making good progress on the others. Lists help me, too–though I keep a notebook with me rather than do them online.

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  3. I put off doing too many things for too long and then decided I was going to tackle them all at once with this New Year! Needless to say, I became quickly overwhelmed about a week-and-a-half into 2012. I had to just stop and take stock as to what I needed to do and what I could do realistically. I created a vision of My Future Self and started worked towards that. My first project is the Home Office Evacuation. Originally planned for one week-end, I sat down and realized it will probably take about three months! In the meantime I can take smaller steps towards other things so that when I get *there*, I will have a little head start 🙂

    “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

    PS. Sorry, I agree with MIchelle: That picture is… off putting :-/

  4. Thanks for the collective kick in the pants. I definitely need to start “eating the frogs” in my life when it comes to getting healthy. I could make plenty of excuses, but why bother? At the end of the day, I am only hurting myself.

    (That picture is absolutely disgusting. Ew. Just ew.) 😉