13 series on my radar for 2012? Yep, good luck with that, pal.

What is it about series that draws us as readers? I’m not really sure, but whatever it is, I’m looking forward to continuing and starting a good number of them in 2012. Even the book with which I’ve started the year, The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 2 is a serial, even if it’s of short stories and not complete novels.

Twelve others (with no particular rank) that are on my radar are:

  • A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin: I read the first one, A Game of Thrones, but still have to finish the second one, A Clash of Kings, which I did start.
  • The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick  Rothfuss: My library director loves them, so I guess at the last I should give them a try.
  • The Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage: I’ve had the first one, Magyk, on my Nook for over a year now. Maybe I’ll get to it finally this year.
  • An alternate history series set in the time around World II by Jo Walton that begins with Farthing, continues with Ha’Penny and ends with Half A Crown: Our library has the first two and hopefully I can convince our director to get the third one, because she likes to have all the parts of a series in the library (as much as possible, especially with smaller series).
  • The Ripley series by Patricia Highsmith: I only recently discovered that our library had the first one, The Talented Mr. Ripley.
  • The Adam Dalgliesh series by P.D. James: Another one I only recently discovered also had the first one, Cover Her Face.
  • The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child: I read the first two, I think, last year and really enjoyed them, but then for some reason, I never returned to them. I don’t know why.
  • The Derek Strange series by George Pelecanos: I read the first two of this series several years ago, but then never returned to it, even though I enjoyed both of them.
  • The Parker series by Richard Stark (a pseudonym for Donald E. Westlake): I read the first couple but the others I don’t own and our library doesn’t have all of them. However, my brother-in-law does have them. I’m hoping he’ll allow me to borrow them a few books at a time after I return several books I already borrowed from him.
  • The Burglar Who/Bernie Rhodebarr series by Lawrence Block: I read one of these years ago and only now am getting back to it.
  • The Harry Hole series by by Jo Nesbø: A patron recommended him as another Scandinavian author similar to Stieg Larsson, so I thought I’d give him a try. I already have the first one, The Redbreast, out of the library and really am looking forward to reading it.
  • The Temperance Brennan/Bones series: I only began this series this past year and I’m already halfway through it. I have to say while I like the TV show, I like the book series even better than its TV counterpart.

So are there any series on your radar that you want to read in 2012?

This post was inspired in part by SuziQOregon’s Confessions of a Serial Reader posts on her blog, Whimpulsive.

27 responses to “13 series on my radar for 2012? Yep, good luck with that, pal.

  1. I LOVE that you posted this!! (and thanks for the shout out by the way).

    You have some great series on your target list. Some we have in common and some that I need to look at more closely.

    My current count on FictFact is 75 but I’m pretty sure there are a few recent additions to my series list that haven’t been added.

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  3. I’m such a seriesaholic that I joined so I can keep track of all of them. How bad am I? According to Fictfact I am tracking/trying to read 114 series. Yes, you read that right. 1-1-4 series.Talk about needing some kind of intervention.

    I have several that you listed, and another, the Maisie Dobbs mysteries that I’d like to read at least one book from this year. George R.R. Martin’s have so far been the best that I’ve read over the last year. Harry Potter has been my all time favorite though.

    I finally got all of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley books which is funny, because I really only wanted to get (and still do) – her Strangers On A Train.

    It’ll be interesting to see how you feel about those. I’ll keep an eye on my reader for when you’re doing it and maybe I’ll try to read along.

  4. I suck at series. I’ve been seeing lots of people talking about series lately and I think I’ve figured it out. When there isn’t a cliffhanger or pressing reason to read the next book, I usually don’t…for years (if at all). Think this goes back to my think about reading too many books by one author (I know…I’m a weirdo).

    Though I didn’t know that Ripley was a series! I did try listening to the Game of Thrones Book 1 but gave up after 15 minutes. Ha!!!

    Good luck. Sorry for the rambles. Or thanks. Or something.

  5. I just found out that The Talented Mr Ripley WAS a book. I then bought the next two and have finished Ripley Underground. I don’t know if I will read the first one since I saw the movie. I like to read book first, then maybe see movie. Was so excited to discover this series!

    • I used to be a “read the book first, then watch the movie” kind of person too, but it’s so hard to keep up anymore with books that are made into movies. Sometimes I don’t realize it was a book first until after I’ve seen the movie: Winter’s Bone, being just one recent example.

  6. I have way too many series I started but am nowhere close to finishing. THE GAME OF THRONES though is definitely on my must-read list this year!

  7. I try to avoid getting into a series and it’s all because of Stephen King. His Dark Tower series was amazing, but there was a 15 YEAR wait between books 3 and 4!!

  8. I don’t think there are any series I’m thinking about reading this year. I’m in the middle of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. I keep saying I’ll pick up book #6 but I never do. I just remembered that I do want to read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin. It’s the first book in her Inheritance trilogy (sci-fi). Good luck with all your reading! 🙂

  9. I’m listening to Septimus Heap now, and they’re a lot of fun.
    Kingkiller Chron are amazing. Be sure to check out Jo Walton’s weekly analysis of each chapter of both books on Sadly, no date set yet for #3.
    Sometimes I wish I hadn’t read Song of Ice and Fire before watching the show.
    I like the Bones books better than the show, too. She’s a real person instead of a ball of quirks.
    Farthing was my top book for 2011! I’m saving the rest of the books because they have to be good. I wish my library carried Tooth and Claw.

    Enjoy your reads!

    • Jo Walton did an analysis of Patrick Rothfuss’s books? Now I’m confused. 🙂 I haven’t seen A Game of Thrones, but I can imagine it’s hard when you know what and how everything is going to happen…and that’s exactly why I like Temperance in the books over the TV series.

  10. I know what you mean about series. I think the most successful series involve authentic, quirky characters that we can’t get enough of – it’s the characters that keep me coming back. I haven’t done a tally lately, and I did give up on a couple in 2011, but I still have a ton of series I follow.

    • So what are some of the series you’re looking forward to following?

      • Let’s see – the 5th book in Michael Grant’s Gone series comes out this spring, the sequel to Justin Cronin’s The Passage comes out in July, I’m listening to the whole Eragon series on audio with my son to get ready to (finally) listen to the final book, which came out a couple months ago, I CAN’T WAIT for Tana French’s new one in the Dublin Murder Squad Series – Broken Harbour – coming out this summer, I still haven’t read Pirate King, the latest Holmes/Russell by Laurie R. King, still need to read the last book in the Maze Runner trilogy….. Need I go on? 🙂

  11. I’ve read the Ripley series. They vary quite a bit and are quite dark and bizarre. But I did enjoy most of them, a few better than others.

    • Oh, good. I’m glad to hear from someone who’s read them. I haven’t gotten to the first one, but already I want to like the series…I don’t know why, other than that I do. 🙂