Abandoning Words With Friends to eat the frogs in my life

If I were not doing this already, knowing what I now know, would I start doing it again today?

This is one of the questions at the end of a chapter on Creative Procrastination that motivation speaker Brian Tracy asks in his book, Eat That Frog!

“If is is something you would not start again today, knowing what you know now, it is a prime candidate for abandonment or creative procrastination,” he writes. He asks you and me to examine each of our personal and work activities, evaluate it based on your current situation, then select at least one activity to abandon immediately or at least deliberately put off until more important goals have been achieved.

I know it might seem trivial, but for me, that one activity that I am selecting to abandon immediately is Facebook games, particularly the game Words with Friends. I have referenced my addiction to Facebook games previously in several posts, but most especially in this post called “Pausing before reversing direction again” last year. As I mentioned in that post then:

 It’s not…that I think Facebook games…are intrinsically evil. It’s that I need to make room for running, for writing…and for reading.

This time, though, to start, it’s that I need to make room for walking before I build back up to jogging and then only then, maybe running.

So as of five minutes ago, I have deleted all of my Facebook games (yes, again) including Words with Friends and later this morning, I will be heading out for that walk (yes again), my first frog of the day.

Is there one activity that you could abandon immediately that would make you more productive in reaching your goals? If so, what is it?

12 responses to “Abandoning Words With Friends to eat the frogs in my life

  1. Sometimes you gotta go cold turkey–moderation doesn’t cut it for some of us. Having said that, I’ll miss our WwF games! And if you ever decide to start up again, I’ll probably still be at it…

    • Well, I’m going to try it (again). It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the games…I did, but also I don’t know how to say no to some people and not others so then I have 10 to 15 games going at once. Argh.

  2. Good call, UP… I was that way with Farmville oh, so many moons ago. 😉

    As it is, I play every so often, but never in a way that inhibits my ‘real’ life… I don’t believe in letting games turn into an obligation… that’s why they’re games. 😀

    I have friends who facebook at work and on their phone and in the car and, and, and. The FB can be its own addiction. I’d rather be addicted to my family or laughing or something that gives back to other people.

    So good choice. Eat the frog, my friend. – Julia

  3. Yesterday I came to the same conclusion and decided to immediately quit my Facebook games. I love playing Zuma Blitz. I tried to cut my game playing to just a few minutes but found myself playing for an hour or two. So far I’m doing a great job because there’s so much I’ve had to do for the holidays. Now when I’m home alone on Wednesday, it’s going to be much harder to ignore the game. Good luck.

  4. *sigh*

    I just got clued into Words With Friends… however you do kick my butt… EVERY time. *grin*

    Au ova! Woops, I mean revoir! heh heh

  5. Pearl, we shut it off for a couple of years. It was a good decision. I no longer instinctively turn it on to fill every waking hour with background noise. I’m a lot more comfortable with silence and enjoy the absence of the anxiousness that watching the news used to give me. There are no longer any shows that I ‘have to’ see. There are shows we enjoy, but they are on Netflix and we watch them whenever.

  6. Yeah…letting my brother talk me into things like Facebook games because he always abandons them in the middle and I’m stuck playing the freaking game with other people I didn’t really want to play with anyhow. Ugh! Thanks for over thinking things….AGAIN!

  7. Wow. What a great question.

    It’s my TV. I need to get rid of it. Somehow, the moment the screen lights up, my brain slows to a crawl, my jaw drops open, and I am inert for HOURS. I need to put a hammer through it or something…