A Child’s Christmas in Wales

The Sunday

As last night into this morning, I was volunteering on the overnight shift at a hospice, I actually scheduled today’s post earlier last night. 

So even though next week’s Sunday Salon post falls on Christmas, I am going to discuss Christmas now as next week I’ll be giving a wrap up (bad pun intended) of my year in reading. I know, ’tis exciting, isn’t it when I telegraph my punches here?

Get ready…

Get ready…

…boom…here comes the boom!

Okay, so maybe it isn’t a boom as much as a whimper, but here goes with the actual post after a couple of stutter-steps:

This past week, I downloaded my favorite Christmas story, “A Child’s Christmas In Wales” by Dylan Thomas on Audible as read by Dylan Thomas, onto our desktop computer.  I’m going to transfer it later to my iPod Shuffle, listen to it and probably will make my wife listen to it this Friday when she and I head over to my parents in the next county. Since I fell in love with it a few years ago, it’s become a tradition every Christmas to listen to it.

Another tradition that my parents have is for one of us to read the story of Jesus’ birth as depicted in Luke Chapter 2 before we open our presents. A friend of mine said as a kid, he watched and listened on TV as Alexander Scourby read Luke Chapter 2 as well.

Do you have any traditions of books or stories you read or listen to every Christmas? If so, what are they? 

5 responses to “A Child’s Christmas in Wales

  1. My grandma made all of her children and adult grandchildren scrapbooks filled with Christmas stories. Even though we’re out of the house, we still read through a story or two when at my mom’s. No traditions at my own household yet, though.

    When we were little little, we would act out Luke 2. There were three of us, so we rotated who got to be what. I always liked being the angel the best. 😉

  2. Surprisingly I don’t have any bookish holiday traditions. I read a Christmas Carol once, nowhere near Christmas. I’ve just never been that attracted to Christmas stories I guess.

  3. No special traditions that we follow every year. It depends on who is with me on that day.

    Sometimes we watch those old movie classics, like The Christmas Story…or whatever old movie classic is playing repeatedly throughout the day. The important thing is having family around.

    This year on Christmas Eve, I’ll be stopping in at my local “Cheers” bar (it’s really called The Office!), where my daughter is the bartender. Since she has to work, this will be my opportunity to see her.

    Hope you enjoy your day. I’ll probably by doing a wrap-up reading list on Christmas Day too.