And now the end is near…

…and to paraphrase Frank, and so this blog faces the final curtain.

Last month, as my life underwent a couple of changes:

  1. Resigning from my job as a newspaper correspondent and thus ending 15 years in the newspaper business as my hours increase at the library where I work,
  2. Giving up volunteering at the local senior center also,
I decided that it was time to make a change with my blogging, namely to:
  1. Close the curtain on this blog.
  2. And open the curtain on a new blog.

So to that end (bad pun intended), this is my official announcement that I’m closing this blog.


As noted above, I already am changing things in my life, so why not change one more? Beyond that, though, it was time for this blog to ride into the sunset. It wasn’t “doing” all that I wanted it to do. When I first began blogging, I branched out from one blog to five blogs, all on different subjects, then I brought back to one blog. However, I still had blogs on the periphery: at Tumblr and at Posterous where I posted videos, links, photos, general silliness. I still was splintering myself…and I wanted to find a way to consolidate all of my posts from the inane to the profound, all in one place, instead of still being found on several blogs. Finally, I’ve found a theme that does just that and is a little less constrictive than the theme I have here, not only in terms of its structure, but also in terms of the content.

I no longer will be locked into looking at things through the prism of themed days: Motivation Monday, Midweek Review, Flashback Friday and the like, all of which are being retired also.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, wonder no longer. Come see for yourself at my new blog, Unfinished. I hope you will come join me as I start a new book in my blogging life.

Note: This blog will remain here, as I’m not just deleting six years of work with a snap of my fingers. Within the next week, I will be putting up a “Best of” page on the front page and a link to the new blog for future visitors. The archives and categories still can be accessed on the sidebar.

11 responses to “And now the end is near…

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  3. Oh snap! This is a HUGE change. I am adding your NEW blog to my blogroll, right now.

  4. The format on the new site is screwed up. I’m hoping this is temporary. I can’t navigate it at all.

  5. Wow! You really do know how to change things up, don’t you?

  6. I’ll still be there.

    Unfinished has not truly left the building…


  7. So now, you are dead. You are finished. Good Bye ol’ friend.

  8. Good for you! Sounds like you’ll have more opportunities to express yourself and stretch your creativity. I look forward to seeing the evolution…

  9. I completely understand. I know what you’re going through. Good luck with the change.