The Drop In

The 34th episode of The West Wing (in Season 2) is called “The Drop In” because in that episode Toby adds a part to a speech written by Sam without Sam or any of the press corps knowing about it in advance, a la dropping it in. Likewise, this week’s episode of Midweek Review also is just being dropped into my blog, without any advance warning…or in this case, even drafting. This is it. What you see is what you get.

When I stopped at (no, I won’t go for the cheap pun “dropped in” at, even though I just did) the library this morning for something unrelated to work, I saw a book being returned that I had asked our library director to get within the last month because it was part of a series and while we had most of the rest of the series, we didn’t have it and one other. I also had requested that other book. However, this morning’s book is the first book of the series, The Guards by Ken Bruen. Naturally I grabbed it, checked it out and plan on digging into it tonight after I work– yes, at the library.

In other reading-related news, I recently did finish the Charlie Chan mystery series by Earl Digg Biggers and plan to have a review/overview of the series for you, probably for this week’s Sunday Salon. As for what I’ve been watching, my wife and I have been making our way through The West Wing slowly but surely and we just started watching Doctor Who again with two freaky episodes, “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit.” We’ve also discovered a cool Korean show called City Hunter (check out the trailer here). I’m also still watching the British TV series Waking the Dead and loving it.

I’ll leave you with the opening scene from “The Drop In”:

So what did you read and/or watch this past week? Did anything “drop in” unexpectedly?

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

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