I just want to thank Michelle of That’s What She Read

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The Sunday On Thursday morning, I had the books and bookmarks (darts) pictured above waiting for me in a box on my front porch when I opened the door. Michelle at That’s What She Read sent me them as part of her Read My Own Books Month event last month. I had heard of the Bass book (I think I had seen it at our library and even marked it down in a notebook to read later), but hadn’t heard of the Marshall book before seeing it as one of the choices for prizes on Michelle’s blog. I’m planning on continuing Read My Own Books Month for the rest of the year (at least for the most part) so these will fit right in with my reading. I’m making no promises when I’ll get to them, but I’ll do my best to get to them before year’s end.

Don’t read too much into my posting this, Michelle — either you or your husband or…ahem…my wife. 😉 It might not have “the best day of my life,” but it sure helped toward it being possibly being the best day of this year so far since I also decided to resign from a job I had had for the last four years. I just wanted to thank you…


Peace out, y’all. Holla.

4 responses to “I just want to thank Michelle of That’s What She Read

  1. Enjoy your books and bookmarks – and, it sounds like you’re very happy about your decision to resign, so … good stuff all around!

  2. What a nice thing to receive. Enjoy them!

  3. Wait… what? You resigned from your job? I need to know MORE about that.

  4. You are so welcome! I am always happy to help make someone’s day. We all need those pick-me-ups every now and then. Enjoy your books, and good luck with your Read My Own Books Year!