Introducing Emily of Emily’s Reading Room

Today is the second day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, with the theme of Cultivating a Community of Bloggers and Readers. This is the day we post the blogger interview swap we did. My interview partner was Emily of Emily’s Reading Room. Here’s my interview with her, and here is her interview with me as it appeared on her blog today.

One of the series I see frequently looking through your blog is Blogger Confidential? Why did you start it? What is your hope in doing it?

I started Blogger Confidential last year to get some diverse opinions on blogging issues that many of us face all the time. I have tried to pick a diverse set of bloggers from different genres and age groups to show that everyone does things differently. Some bloggers abhor self-published works, while others welcome them. It is also a way to examine our own blogging processes and maybe find others who share our way of doing things.

I notice your focus when you started was young adult and children’s fiction with some dabbling in nonfiction and adult. Have you kept to that focus? If not, what other genres have you moved into? What others would you like to explore more than you have already?

I have definitely kept with Young Adult.  I have read adult fiction on occasion, and I do enjoy it, but I really prefer the excitement of young adult fiction.  I do wish that I read a little more non-fiction.  I have really enjoyed David McCullough’s works, and I might have to branch out a little more.

Out of all the authors you interviewed, among whom were your favorites? Any links you can provide to those posts you can provide for us?

I did a live interview with Scott Westerfeld that I really enjoyed.  It can be found here:

Out of your last 25 books read, pick two favorites and tell us why we should read them too.

I love the Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima. Anyone who enjoys fantasy should check out this series. It has fantastic characters, a thrilling plot, and almost everyone I’ve recommended this series to has really enjoyed it. The second pick is Blood Red Road by Moira Young. It’s a YA dystopian with a fantastic voice. If you are a little tired with the genre, give this one a try.

If you only could make one improvement to your blog (not that it needs any :)), what would it be?

I would have a co-blogger. Oh how I wish I had started with one. It would be nice to depend on someone else for content. But, I’m not sure that anyone else would want to blog under Emily’s Reading Room (unless their name was Emily as well).

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

9 responses to “Introducing Emily of Emily’s Reading Room

  1. Fantastic interview. How cool that you were able to interview Scott Westerfeld…very cool. I am going to check out your blog Emily – YA can be fun reads.

  2. Great questions! And what an honor to interview Scott Westerfeld in person.

  3. Great interview! I love learning a little more about Emily. I also enjoyed reading her interview of you.

  4. Ha, I have the same co-blogger issue…unless they’re named Erin! I loved the interview with Scott Westerfeld, and I’m interested to check out Blogger Confidential. Thanks for the great interview!

  5. Thank you to Bryan for the great interview!

  6. Great interview- nice introduction to Emily & am heading straight over to check out her blog and Blogger Confidential! Sounds like a great resource for bloggers.
    Happy BBAW to Unfinished Person and Emily, both!

  7. Oh good! Another YA book blogger to follow. I’m always looking for more recs there. Thanks Emily and Bryan.

  8. Nice interview! It’s fun getting to know SO many new bloggers.