Patron of the Week: Ms. Talking-About-Island-Nations-That-Are-Going-To-Have-Indoor-Skiing-and-Shit

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This week’s Patron of the Week comes from the Land or Sea, as the case here may be, of PayPal.

Please say hello to Ms. Talking-About-Island-Nations-That-Are-Going-To-Have-Indoor-Skiing-and-Shit.

She owed 40 cents for a fine, and I joked with her that it wouldn’t break us if she didn’t pay it, which prompted her to go off…

…first, on how every penny counts, and then how PayPal keeps track of every penny, and how she was annoyed by that.

(Andras Gyorfi, TSI,

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And then she really got off on a tangent, as this particular patron is apt to do, by mentioning how one of the Pay Pal co-founders was building his own island. I Googled it this morning and Peter Thiel indeed is working on his own island — nation.

At the time, I had no idea about it and teased her because I knew she could take the teasing:

“So is it like Jurassic Park? Are there going to be dinosaurs?”

Yep. Sometimes I can be hilarious. This, obviously, was not one of those times.

She smiled politely and then said:

“No, it’s not that kind of island…it’s one of those islands where they are going to have indoor skiing and shit.”

…and as the few patrons who I heard heard say words such as that in the library, she said that last word in almost a whisper.

While I could find no reference to indoor skiing on the website of The Seasteading Institute, to which Thiel already has donated $1.25 million, I did learn that, among other places, there is an indoor ski resort in Dubai.

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in ...

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NBC's The More You Know

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I swear the more I know…the less I understand what this world is coming to.

I’m thinking it’s headed toward more and more like what T.S. wrote 86 years ago:

Not with a bang but a whimper.

And a pretty wimpy whimper at that.

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

7 responses to “Patron of the Week: Ms. Talking-About-Island-Nations-That-Are-Going-To-Have-Indoor-Skiing-and-Shit

  1. But will Thiel’s island nation have a library?

  2. I’ve only seen photos of the indoor ski resort in Dubai, and I gotta say, it looks pretty amazing! IN A GOOD WAY!

  3. I love these posts. They never fail to make me giggle. :]
    Indoor skiing and shit. That’s amazingly ridiculous.