A look back at the month of August — and Read My Own Book Month

So as of today, I’ve now read 37 books for the year  and for this past month, as part of my participation in Read My Own Books Month as hosted by Michelle at That’s What She Read, I read four out of six of my own books:

  1. Honey in His Mouth by Lester Dent
  2. Say It With Bullets by Richard Powell
  3. Lemons Never Lie by Donald E. Westlake
  4. The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

The other two books I read were from the library:

  1. Get Real by Donald E. Westlake, the final book in the Dortmunder series
  2. The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly, the fourth book in the Mickey Haller series.

Probably the best of the lot this month was the last one mentioned, because I already was in a Connelly state of mind after watching The Lincoln Lawyer earlier in the month. The worst of the lot, hands down, was The Colorado Kid. I didn’t get it at all. I do hear from other bloggers and those on Twitter that the TV series based on the book, Haven, is pretty good, though.

As what I’ve been watching on the Tube, this past week on my own I watched episodes of Waking the Dead (Season 3), Wire in the Blood (Season 3), and Farscape (Season 1). I’ve also watched a couple of episodes of Cadfael (Season 1) via AcornOnline. With my wife, I watched episodes of Home Movies (Season 2), Cheers (Season 6), Futurama (Season 3), The West Wing (Season 2),  Larry Sanders (Season 1) and the movie Bodyguards and Assassins.

Out of those, my favorites were The West Wing, Cadfael and Bodyguards and Assassins, with which I’ll leave you the trailer:
So what did you read and/or watch this past week? What was your favorite book, TV show or movie for the past month?

4 responses to “A look back at the month of August — and Read My Own Book Month

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  2. Congratulations on reading four out of six of our your own books this month! Thank you for participating!!

  3. Finished The Beach Trees by Karen White – kind of a girly read, but I loved it. 🙂 Am in the middle of Forbidden by Ted Dekker – which is an excellent dystopian. We’ve been watching Ally McBeal – I don’t know how we never watched this when it first was on, but we’re loving it. Oh, and the boys and I are enjoying season two of Warehouse 13 on DVD.

    • I just saw Warehouse 13 on TV the other night (was somewhere where they had cable) and it looked pretty interesting. I hadn’t heard of it previously…I think we liked Ally McBeal too when it first began.