Update on Read My Own Books Month — and Rango!

So as of today, I’ve now read 35 books for the year. I took a break from the Read My Own Books Month as hosted by Michelle at That’s What She Read and from my reading of Hard Case Crime books with The Fifth Witness, the fourth Mickey Haller book, by Michael Connelly. In short, it was a page-turner and I finished it in a matter of a few days.

This week Michelle asked those of us participating in her challenge the following question:

Have you been able to keep to your pledged percentage? If you went for less than 100 percent, what is your August ratio of non-review to review books? What is your favorite non-review book you’ve read so far this month? How many more are you going to attempt to finish before the end of the month? Which one(s) are you most hoping to read/finish before next week?

First, I need to make a caveat. I don’t have review books, because I generally (with the Connelly and a few others as exceptions) don’t read or review new books. I tend to read books that are a few years old. So for me, the challenge was to read books that were on my shelves and not on other shelves, such as the library where I work. With that in mind, I’ll answer the question.

No, I have not been able to keep the percentage thus far. I am at 50 percent with two books from the library and two books from my own shelves. My favorite book of my own that I read was Say It With Bullets by Richard PowellBased on the blistering pace I’ve been setting so far (ha), I am going to try to finish at least two more books and one more by the end of the week, if I’m lucky. My hours have increased at the library and this Saturday I work most of the day there, so we’ll see how that goes. As for which book I’m most hoping to read/finish before next week, I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet on which Hard Case Crime book I’ll pick up that is on my shelves. I’m leaning toward Lemons Never Lie by Richard Stark (the pseudonym for Donald E. Westlake), because he is one of my favorite authors, no matter what name he uses, or The Colorado Kid by Stephen King.

In terms of what I’ve been watching on the Tube, this past week I watched on my own The Cosby Show and Midsomer Murders (which I’m just starting and really enjoying). I watched with my wife the following: Home Movies, Cheers, Futurama, The West Wing, Tangled, and Rango. The best out of all of them? Hands down, Rango, because it was so offbeat and quirky.

So what have you read this past week, what are you planning to read in the near future? What have you watched? What’s been your favorite book, movie and/or TV show this past week?

This just in: As I was finishing this post, another title came in from the library on e-book. It is one I own also: A Clash of Kings, the second part of the Song of Fire and Ice series, by George R.R. Martin, so I probably will be starting that one Sunday I’m guessing.

4 responses to “Update on Read My Own Books Month — and Rango!

  1. My kids just watched Rango. I think my husband enjoyed it the most; the kids thought it was okay. I’m actually somewhat sad I skipped it.

    Three books in the next wek is an impressive goal. Good luck! BTW, congratulations! You were the second randomly chosen winner this week. Let me know your choices!

  2. We loved Rango! I was worried my boys wouldn’t “get” it – but they loved it, too.

  3. My Mommeh just finished The Passage by Justin Cronin and loved it!

  4. I am getting worried about next month. I have been in a rut and am so far behind.