Pet Peeve #6: Touchscreens

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Without further adieu, my Pet Peeve #6 is Touchscreens.

I don’t care what they’re on, from cell  phones to e-readers to — now I even hear from my own father who just got one — computer monitors (GASP! Ach, du lieber Gott in Himmel, please say it isn’t true), they’re annoying.

Why? Mainly because  I don’t know how to operate them…or that they operate too well. They’re too…well, touchy.

I have a touchscreen on my cell phone and I got it because I thought it would be cool to have. Even if I couldn’t afford an iPhone, I at least could have a cell with a touchscreen and be semi-hip. Ask my wife, my mother, my father, my sister, my father-in-law how that has been working out for me. As the ones who receive my “pocket dials” or “butt dials,” they probably would say in one loud resounding response:


To wit, this week already I have accidentally dialed my father-in-law six times while I was at work at the library and done the same to my parents once at 1:30 a.m. (and I wasn’t even drunk this time). I don’t think I’ve gotten to my sister or my wife yet this week (at least, not with the accidental dialing — my constant on-purpose dialing and texting probably has been annoying enough), which is a bit surprising, but it’s only Thursday, so I still have time to make those faux pas too. Plus there’s always the weekend when I might have a drink (or two or maybe even, if I’m a real wild and crazy guy, three) and drunk/butt dial my entire phonebook. Hey, a person has to have goals, right?

Luckily, my Nook, which is the old school black and white version, only has touchscreen on the bottom of the screen. You can scroll through the menu, including covers of books you’re reading or want to read, with the touchscreen, but when you turn the pages, you use buttons on the sides. Personally, I like it that way and am resistant to get the new Nook which is completely touchscreen. I’ll never get a book read as the pages go flying past me, out of my reach.

Also where I work, at the library, does not require the use of touchscreens. This is one time (and not the only time) I am thankful I don’t work at a fast food place like McDonald’s. I look at the kids at the registers at such places and envy their fingers: so nimble, so quick, so responsive, so used to the touch and feel of the screens, probably from playing games on cell phones. I am glad my stiff, unyielding digits still have buttons to push on the cash register at the library and for this once that library budgets are shrinking so we probably won’t be able to afford one of dem fancy new registers with their confounded touchscreens any time in the near future.

So touchscreens: love them or hate them? Or are you indifferent? I guess at 42, I fall into that age, where I like the trappings of technology — at least in theory. In reality, not so much.

7 responses to “Pet Peeve #6: Touchscreens

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  2. I don’t mind the touchscreen, but my phone doesn’t have the keypad unlock on the touchscreen. It’s a button on the side of the phone. What used to make me crazy was all the various beebs and alerts that went off when I received a text, an email, etc. Then I figured out how to turn them off without turning off the ring-tone. Sigh. Peace at last!

  3. At least my father got you ‘sounding like you are at work’ this time, and not us arguing in the car about the relative merits of McDonalds.

  4. I am all Touchscreens all the time. I *love* my iPhone. And, I’ve never accidentally butt-dialed anyone, because unless you “slide to unlock” you can’t butt-dial anyone.

  5. I have an iPad. I love the touchscreen. It’s so cool. And it’s manageable for the most part. I love the news, music and games apps. The one thing I find odd or ironic I guess is that some apps let you turn or flip pages just like a newspaper. Funny how technology has come so far only for us to still be turning pages. After what I paid for the iPad, that’s one expensive newspaper.