Saying it with bullets — and breakfast

The Sunday

Last week  I intended to start my plan to read (mostly) my own books in August as suggested by Michelle at That’s What She Read (to join us, here’s the link). I also intended to dive into a pile of Hard Case Crime books headfirst this week, starting with Honey In His Mouth by Lester Dent, who was the creator of the Doc Savage series that I read as a teen. He wrote most of the 181 novels under the pseudonym Kenneth Robeson.

So how did I do? Well…thanks to another busy week at the library and a couple of meetings to cover for the newspaper, I just finished the Dent book and will be starting only my second Hard Case Crime today. Again, as last week, I have to give thanks to JoLynnF on Twitter. Last week it was for putting the Hard Case Crime books back into the front of my mind during a disucssion at the previous night’s #hitchfest. This week it is for her suggesting I read Say It With Bullets by Richard Powell, because it is “lighter and with some comedy unlike most of the series.”

As for the Dent book, it was a good diversion as have been most of the Hard Case Crime books that I’ve read thus far. However, it wasn’t as good as some others I’ve read. On the flip side, it wasn’t as bad as one other I’ve read, but then again probably not one essential to read if you’re looking to read Hard Case Crime books.

As I mentioned Wednesday, I’m not worried if I don’t make it through the 11 other Hard Case Crime books this month because I learned Tuesday night that Pam of along with three other bloggers is hosting September is…Read Your Own Books Month. Plus I have a whole host of other books still waiting for me on the bookshelf in my office. As I said Wednesday, I might just devote the rest of the year to reading my own books.

On a non-reading note, I am writing this today from my father-in-law’s in Germantown, Maryland. My wife and I along with other family members went to see him in the play “Doubt” at Blackrock Center for the Arts here in Germantown. I had seen the movie a couple of years ago, but luckily — almost a blessing — I didn’t remember everything about the movie, and I forgot how intense the play was…and is. My father-in-law has performed in local (Maryland)  stage productions of Gypsy, Our Town and Brigadoon and was in this past January’s The Dining Room, staged by the same group that presented this play. However, in those plays, he wasn’t the main character as he was in this one– and I have to say he more than held his own (in fact, he excelled), especially in such a heavy play, both in terms of subject matter and dialogue. All of the other performers were very good as well, especially Joyce Wright as Mrs. Muller, the mother of the son with whom the priest is accused of having an improper relationship.

Well, we’re having specially-made Craley McMuffins here shortly so I need to run, folks. Since I’m thinking of breakfast, I’ll leave you with this song from The Newsboys:

So what are you reading today? What did you have for breakfast? Do you read with breakfast? Newspapers, books or just the back of the cereal box? Myself, I sometimes read Sunday Salon posts with my breakfast and probably what I’ll be reading after breakfast this morning.

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

18 responses to “Saying it with bullets — and breakfast

  1. Wow! He was in Doubt? That’s a monster! I saw it on Broadway. And I saw the movie. That must have been awesome to see your father-in-law play such a role and play it so well.

    By the way, what is it to “read your own books”? Does that mean they have to be books that you have not stolen?

  2. I try not to eat at the computer, as I hate crumbs in the keyboard. I do read books, though, if it’s a one-hand type of meal, like a sandwich. 🙂

  3. I had tamales for breakfast:) I think that the reading your own books idea is an awfully good one. I’ve been on a book buying ban for about a month, and I’ve only had a couple small slip ups (a grammar book for work, a couple 99 cent ebooks and a used book). However, I’m going to Portland in a few weeks and I’ll have to hit Powells, so I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the shelves.

    • So that book buying ban isn’t going to last for the rest of the year then I take it? 🙂 Luckily for me (at least in this regard), we don’t have much money so I don’t have to worry about trying to buy books.

  4. I’m joining the September challenge, too. It’s not even optional, given that 4 boxes of my books wound up coming with us to the apartment when only 1 was supposed to (and the remaining gazillion went into storage).

    Congratulations again on your FIL’s performance in the play!

    • 4 boxes? That’s all? You’re a lightweight. 😉

      Actually my wife has told me for every book I bring into the house, I have to take one out….so I do understand about ttoo many books.

  5. I’m reading Gone With the Wind! And I tend to not eat breakfast, but I did actually eat some grits this morning. :] If I do eat breakfast, I usually read the paper if someone has gone to get it, if not then if its a weekday I watch the today show, with my coffee if there’s no breakfast. :]

    I can sympathize with the busy week though, I had one myself!

    • So you’re doing some light reading then? 🙂 I usually eat breakfast more often on the weekends and am not a big eater of breakfasts during the week, so I understand what you mean about breakfast.

  6. I ate breakfast today (Cheerios) while creating my Sunday Salon post. Yes, I often eat at the computer. Probably not the best plan.

    I had a couple of Mimosas later, while finishing up a book; I then posted my review of it.


    • I eat breakfast (cereal usually) at the computer I’m not ashamed to say. It serves a double purpose. I get away from our cat, who would be all up in my face, and I get to catch up on my blog reading.

  7. Hard case crime books… Sounds very interesting! Glad to see you’re about an hour from my neck of the woods! Glad you enjoyed your father-in-law’s play! This morning for breakfast, I read today’s Washington Post.

    Today, and for probably the next few weeks, I’m reading the final volume of Karl Marx’s Capital. I’m definitely looking forward to finishing the trilogy. Here’s my post.

  8. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. In fact, I like it sometimes that I have breakfast in the morning and then eat breakfast for dinner. Like maybe tonight….

    Here’s this week’s post: Sunday Salon: Wanna Be 25% Happier? And don’t forget to sign up for the Readerbuzz August Giveaway!

  9. I’m reading various things today but I had an awesome breakfast at a cute diner near my NYC hotel, called The Antique Cafe. Verrrry French and adorable, and yummy yummy food! I don’t read with breakfast; when I go out, the eggs demand my full attention!

    • Oh, if I’m out for breakfast, I definitely don’t read then..well…wait, if it’s local places and I’m alone, sometimes I do read a newspaper, but that’s only when alone.