Network and Home Movies: My must-see picks of the week

So as of today, I’ve now read 32 books for the year. Last week I finished Get Real, the 15th and final in the Dortmunder series, by Donald E. Westlake and then embarked on Read My Own Books Month as hosted by Michelle at That’s What She Read.

So how’s that going for me? On Sunday, I gave an update on what exactly I planned on reading for the rest of the month and then promptly fell into a busy week on Monday so am only about 50 pages into the first of the 11 Hard Case Crime books I mentioned: Honey In His Mouth by Lester Dent, who was the creator of the Doc Savage series that I read as a teen and wrote most of the 181 novels, under the pseudonym Kenneth Robeson.

However, I’m not worried if I don’t make it through the 11 because I just learned last night that Pam of along with three other bloggers is hosting September is…Read Your Own Books Month. Plus I have a whole host of other books still waiting for me on the bookshelf in my office. I might just devote the rest of the year to reading my own books.

Starting today, in addition to giving a review of what I’ve been reading in terms of books during the past week, I’m also going to give a review of what I’ve been watching in terms of movies and TV shows during the past week. For a complete list of movies I’ve watched this year, see my listography list of 2011 movies watched.

This past week, I’ve watched Network, Mystery Science Theater 3000: Pod People, Brick, Wing Chun and The Electric Horseman in movies. The must-see of this lot is Network.

As for TV shows, I’ve dipped into Cheers, Season 6; Futurama, Season 2; Wire in the Blood, Season 2; Home Movies, Season 1; Midsomer Murders, Season 1; and Roseanne, Season 2. Out of those, the one with which you might not be familiar, and that you must see, is Home Movies. I’ll leave you with a taste of the show from the first episode:

That is Paula Poundstone’s voice, who was on the first five episodes, but the star (and creator) of the show is Brendon Small, who writes, directs and acts in his own home movies on the show and the show itself. As brilliant as Poundstone is, he is the reason to keep watching the show.

In addition to what you’ve been reading this week, what have you been watching? What are your picks of the week, movie-wise and TV-wise, that we must see?

7 responses to “Network and Home Movies: My must-see picks of the week

  1. I’m not really a movie-head, and most television I watch is news (hence the steady oscillation between “paranoia” and “sheer panic”).

    But as far as books, I just put down my first Philip K Dick book (a seemingly random collection of short stories) and was really blown away. I haven’t been impressed like that in a really long time -especially something borderline sci-fi …

  2. I LOVE Home Movies. I’ve been watching that forever, and I don’t know many people that watch it either!

    Honestly, I haven’t been home much this week to watch TV. But, I spent like 3 hours while getting various web things done yesterday watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. I love that show. And I love No Reservations. Other than that, I haven’t seen much of anything lately :/

  3. Marco and I just started Torchwood on Netflix. We like it.

  4. Still reading the same things I was on Saturday. Kevin and I are making our way through season 3 of Leverage – on DVD, since it’s not available streaming. Terrific show with quirky characters, all of whom I love.

    By myself, I finished watching season 4 of Army Wives – not one Kevin will watch with me. Probably because it unabashedly is written for women and because I can’t make it through a single episode without crying. LOL

    Trying to figure out what I’m going to start next, especially ad Kevin is taking the kids camping Thursday through Saturday and I need something to put on Netflix in the background while I work on lesson plans. Maybe I’ll start Friday Night Lights or Mad Men.

    • I’ve heard Leverage is good. Currently, we’re on The West Wing on DVD…if we ever find time to sit down and watch it together. Maybe tomorrow night. I’ve heard good things about Leverage, but haven’t had the chance to see it yet.

      I’d like to watch Friday Night Lights too…my wife’s more into Mad Men than I am. I’ve let her go ahead and watch it while I watch other things…I’m more a Cosby Show guy. 🙂