Making my reading funky this August

So as of today, I’ve now read 31 books for the year. By this weekend, that number should be 32, as I hope to finish Get Real, the 15th and final in the Dortmunder series, by Donald E. Westlake…and I’ll be starting on a new venture for the month of August.

That venture, as I have mentioned previously, is Read My Own Books Month as hosted by Michelle at That’s What She Read. The only thing I haven’t done with this challenge is make the pledge as suggested by Michelle.  So here goes:

I want to take back my reading for at least one month. Therefore, I, Unfinished Person, commit to devoting 80 percent of books read during the month of August to reading nothing but books I own. It is time to read what I want and celebrate the spirit of summer!

Why I’m saying 80 percent is because I’m shooting for 10 books and the only two that I plan on reading that I don’t own are the one I’m reading now: Get Real, which I took out of the library, and Sixkill, the last in the Spenser series, by Robert B. Parker, which I have on hold at the library as an e-book. The other eight (at least that’s the goal) will be my own books and will be from the bookcase of which I took a picture earlier this week. What am I going to read after this one? Like JB told Bobby when he asked “What you gonna play now?” I’m going to answer in a similar fashion:

Bobby, I don’t know but what’s it ever I read
It’s got to be funky!

5 responses to “Making my reading funky this August

  1. Awesome! You can definitely do it!

  2. 31 books already? Wow. Color me impressed!

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  4. I think August is going to be catch up on my review books month. I got some great ones from the vine program and have as lot from NetGalley. But at least these are ones that I really want to read.
    Good luck with your 10 books!

  5. I like the idea of “taking back my books” as it were. I’m not involved in clubs or doing reviews so I have to say that’s how I always read. If I don’t like what I choose I only have myself to blame. Then I move on to the next item to read. I like to think of it as Poppa’s Got a Brand New Book”