A plan…nay, a road map of possible pit stops…for August

The Sunday

Today I plan to finish a series, the 14th and the 15th book in the John Dortmunder series, What’s So Funny? and Get Real!, by Donald E. Westlake.

Sunday Salon 7 31 11

I’m about halfway through the first (14th) one and should be able to finish the second (15th) one since it’s just over 250 pages. And then? And then? And then it will be on to my plan to read (mostly) my own books in August as suggested by Michelle at That’s What She Read (to join us, here’s the link).

Why I keep emphasizing plan that way is because earlier in the year, I said I’d have no plan…of course, that being a plan in itself. Now within the constructs of the…ahem…road map for August, I have some possibilities of pit stops along the way, mostly to refuel, I hope, and not urinate or defecate…although with at least 10 DNFs, I already basically have done that…although some might interpret it as the authors of those books…on me…or at least on the pages of their books…well, anyway…moving on to those possibilities of pit stops, here they are:

Sunday Salon 7 29 11 2

Click on the photo and then the magnifying glass above the photo to zoom in on the individual titles (the brown one in the middle on the bottom is The Mill on The Floss by George Eliot).

Oh, and those Sherlock Holmes collections are also on my Nook as is A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, which I’m reading for the Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge. For the majority of these books, I have two people to thank: my brother-in-law Warren –the same Warren who introduced me to Donald E. Westlake and for which I am eternally grateful as Westlake easily is my favorite author– and my friend John –who has sent me boxes and boxes of books, mostly crime fiction, and for which I feel extremely guilty for never getting around to reading many of them, and hope I can put a dent on them this month.

So what are your reading plans for August? Or are you like me (ha) keeping your reading plans loose for this month? And last but not least, any suggestions on where I should start with this bookcase?

For today’s Moment of Zen, when I typed in “Reading Plans” to YouTube, lo and behold, I came across this vlog from another book blogger, Rebecca Reid from Rebecca Reads:

Maybe I should try the “red” thang for my planning purposes. However, just looking quickly at the books above, I’d only have three books, maybe four, to read (three that would be almost all red, bad pun intended).

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

12 responses to “A plan…nay, a road map of possible pit stops…for August

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  4. I planned out my books that I thought I needed to read for the year, but I never get month specific. Its really what I feel like reading.
    I think the remainder of the year is going to be spent trying to get my TBR pile down and NOT to buy any more books.
    But, as I’m sure you know, its just so easy to download them to your nook and I have a really hard time sticking to my book bans when I make them.

  5. I wish I could plan week by week. My plan is usually more by the seat of my pants :).

  6. I tend to divvy up the month and plan week by week. This coming week, my PLAN is to read Summer Rental, The Astral, and Two Harbors (from my stacks). Today I’m finishing Treasure Me.


  7. I’ve (happily) just completed my first Sherlock Holmes. It seems as if I have finally come to the end of my enormous TBR and I don’t know what to read next. Nothing on hold at the library that is ringing my bells and nothing sitting under my bed that dings my chimes. So, nothing. I suppose (oh dear) that I could go back to War and Peace….if nothing better comes along, I probably will.

  8. I’m currently reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. Part 2 will be out in 2012 and Part 3 in 2014.

    After I’m done Part 1, I intend to move on to the four part Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I’ve heard such great things about this. Apparently there’s a 5th book in the series too.

    And then I intend to get into a little non-fiction. I’ve been holding on to Embracing Defeat by John W. Dower because I’ve been curious to investigate post-war Japan ever since I read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

    Once I’m done these books I intend to move to my iPad and start downloading books to read on it. I’m looking forward to that.

    • I have the second and third parts of the Martin series in that bookcase picture above….maybe I at least can get to the second one…here’s hoping anyway.

  9. I have planned out my August reading, of course – because I’m compulsive that way. 🙂

    My plans include:
    ~ All Clear by Connie Willis – for ME
    ~ Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness – for ME
    ~ Beautiful Creatures by Garcia/Stohl – this is a reread cause I want to finish the series and have forgotten book one – also for ME
    ~ The Things We Cherished by Pam Jenoff – review copy
    ~ Passage to India by EM Forster – for Faith and Fiction discussion in Sept.
    ~ The Beach Trees by Karen White – for ME
    ~ While I Live by John Marsden – for ME
    ~ The Sherlockian by Graham Moore – for ME

    See a pattern? I am so happy to have very few review commitments left on my plate, and am loving the fact that I get to read some of the books I bought for myself!

    Have a good Sunday – and stay away from Netflix if you want to finish both of those Westlakes!

    • I sincerely do plan on staying away from Netflix today 🙂 plus what helps is my wife is taking the laptop with her to work in a couple of hours so I ought to be able to finish both by day’s end. If I don’t, I won’t beat myself up and will just finish up tomorrow before I dig into reading my own books.

      Out of your list, the one that intrigues me (of course) is The Sherlockian. However, I really want to read more of the original first, before I jump into pastiches about the character.