Pet Peeve #5: Mickey D’s focus on the drive-thru

Pet Peeve 5

The peeve de le semaine is how our local McDonald’s has only one cashier at the counter with a line of people waiting and focuses only on the drive-thru that at the time only has one car waiting. Every time I go there reminds me why I hate them, but oddly I still return, thinking that miracle of miracles they’re going to transform reverse Kafkaesque from a slug into a monarch butterfly. They never do, but it is that futile hope that keeps me returning to stand in line yet again and again and again.

Maybe it’s that I enjoy the scintillating conversation with my fellow customers.

“It’s like this every time I come in this place.”

“I know.”

“I mean, you’d think they have more than one cashier at the registers with a line like this.”

“I know.”

“And all I wanted was a sweet tea. I thought this was fast food, after all.”

“I know. Whatchya gonna do?”

Which is about the time I say:

“Well, I know what I’m not gonna do. I’m not gonna stand around this place, waiting for a sweet tea when I go to the minit-mart up the street and get my tea in five minutes instead of 10 minutes. I’m outta here.”

Normally, I just jinx myself and end up waiting 10 minutes anyway as a customer at the minit-mart has a problem with one of the pumps not reading his card. That inevitably leads to another conversation with my fellow customers that ends with my vowing not to stand around there, that I’ll just go to the supermarket up the street…and you guessed it…another customer has problems, this time with that 10 cents that the scanner didn’t take off but that she wants to have taken off her bill and meanwhile, I’m dying of thirst.

I know what I’m not gonna do. I’m not gonna try to get a sweet tea next time from Mickey D’s…I’m just going to opt for the water at home.

Of course, knowing my luck, the borough where I live will be under another boil water advisory at the time and I’ll just have to die of thirst.

It would have been so much easier if McDonald’s had just ponied up the money to pay another cashier and gave me my sweet tea in the first place.

Of course then, I’d have nothing to write about.

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So any pet peeves about McDonald’s or any other fine eating establishments you’d like to share?

7 responses to “Pet Peeve #5: Mickey D’s focus on the drive-thru

  1. Our Mickey D’s has slow service all around. A long wait in the drive-thru and even longer if we go into the restaurant. Thank goodness my kids no longer like/want their food.

  2. I recall that when I was a kid, our local McDonald’s could never seem to get your order right. Which meant my parents never knew which kid was going to have a meltdown. Then one day McDonald’s announced that if they screwed up your order, your meal was free. That lasted a week, at most. Probably nearly went out of business.

  3. Yeah, what Meleah said. Why not just go through the Dtrive Thru and be done with it? You’re just enabling them.

    Also? What the heck is sweet tea? (just kidding – that’s just a jibe from the left coast)

  4. Yeah, I always choose the drive-thu. It’s MUCH faster than going INSIDE the building.

  5. When going through college -and doing my obligatory fast-food stint- the focus was on the people ‘dining in.’ Clearly this has changed, perhaps even to the point where restaurants are DISCOURAGING dine-ins.

    As far as their immediate expenses, they can have smaller dining rooms, they don’t have to clean up after you, you are miles away by the time you figure out your order is wrong … they probably save a few bucks by hiring that nose ring-addled kid with dreadlocks as a cook because no one will see him to speculate on his hygiene.

    Honestly? I’m inches from never having to eat fast food again, and with rare exception I doubt I’ll miss it at all.

  6. No pleasin’ you, UnfinishedDude. 🙂