Pet Peeve #4: Signs that don’t say what they’re supposed to say

Pet Peeve 4

Today I’m going to resurrect a periodical series that I started last year and then I just let die. The series, as you can tell, is about pet peeves I have. Here are the first three: Pet Peeve No. 1, Pet Peeve #2 and Pet Peeve #3. For some reason, I switched first from “No.” to “#” when designating “number” and I have no idea why. It’s obviously not one of my pet peeves to change things randomly for no reason at all.

However, what is one of my pet peeves happened this morning:

Signs that don’t say what they’re supposed to say.

It all came about because of this sign on the pump at the convenience store I was purchasing gas and a couple of bottles of Gatorade since I was going to be out in the heat for an hour or two:


I thought to myself, “I’ll go in and prepay for the gas and buy the bottles of Gatorade altogether,” and then went to try to do what I thought would be a simple transaction. However, when I got to the register with my Gatorades, the sales associate or whatever term they’re using these days for such people told me that I couldn’t prepay for the gas and that it was clearly marked that customers using credit or debit cards had to pay at the pump. I told her that no, it didn’t and she told me that yes, it did…and then I told her…well, you can guess how far my argument got.

After I got outside, I took a photo at the pump of the sign that was there. I showed my wife when I got home. She said the sign should have read “Please prepay cash or pay credit or debit at the pump.” Ah, I see my problem. I was supposed to have read between the lines and understood what wasn’t there. Therein lies the lesson for the day: Learn to read between the lines and insert what you imagine that management would like to have placed there but didn’t. Of course, it might leave you, like it left me this morning, imagining what you’d like to place on management’s front door step:

So any pet peeves you’d like to share?

12 responses to “Pet Peeve #4: Signs that don’t say what they’re supposed to say

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  2. She could have let you prepay inside with a credit/debit card. She just didn’t want to be helpful. That is one of my pet peeves.

    Another pet peeve: co-workers who spend lots of time telling me how much work they have to do and they won’t have time to get it all done. Then they move on to tell someone else the same thing. Then they go on Facebook.

  3. At least the sign didn’t ask you to prepay in advance.

  4. We recently had a postal strike here. During that time, there were certain federal gov’t checks scheduled to be sent out and it was uncertain if the post office would deem them part of the “essential services” and deliver them. Gov’t employees were told to tell clients calling and asking about the checks that they could opt for direct deposit. All they needed to do was fill in the form and MAIL it to the gov’t.

  5. When I call Comcast about a connectivity problem with my computer, the recorded message tells me to go on-line and use their support service there. Uh huh. If I could go on line, I wouldn’t be calling, now would I?

  6. LOL Silly you, taking signs literally! That clerk *probably* could have just let you pay ahead with a credit card, but I guess they hate their job or something.

  7. People who write about pet peeves.

  8. Yeah, you’re just supposed to know that. 🙂

    I hate it when people tell me something that it so obviously wrong (like that clerk) and they refuse to believe you when you challenge it.

  9. I like seeing braille on drive-thru banking machines.

  10. My favorite sign was one on the door of Burger King which read, “Picture menus are available upon request.”

    And I recall thinking “if you can’t read, how do know what the sign says, to go ask for a picture menu?”