The South Will Rise Agian

Sometimes you can’t make up these things.

Yesterday while visiting a bathroom stall at our local Rite-Aid (in a small town in northcentral Pennsylvania), I happened across the piece of artwork above and the commentary was classic too:

I have no idea why the original artist put the word “South” in extra small letters. It’s almost as if he forgot who was going to rise agian. He momentarily thought it was a battle between East and West and then came back to his senses. “Oh, yeah. It’s the SOUTH.”

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

17 responses to “The South Will Rise Agian

  1. For anyone like Jaffer, myself included, press “cont” and the plus sign. This will make the print larger.

    I’d assume they wrote their message, then someone else had to point out that SOUTH was missing. That’s what happens when you live in the North. LOL

  2. Um, maybe he meant southern Canada? I’m in southern Canada. I’m pretty sure I’m going to rise again. Probably tomorrow morning. This isn’t cause for alarm, though.

  3. crap, I spelled genius wrong. Maybe i belong with these idiots

  4. I feel safe from this evil genuis. I think the North will be okay.

  5. Maybe they’ll use stalling tactics next time.

  6. Wow. Someone really didn’t know his geography, did he? The last time I checked, Pennsylvania was north of the Mason/Dixon line and definitely not part of the south…

    The more things change, the more things stay the same?

  7. Oh god, what were you doing in my hometown?

  8. Does this person suppose that PA will fight for the South the next go round?

  9. I am not surprised … you Whigs were always trouble for us Tories (see for reference)

    But I can’t quite see the comments, can you link a bigger picture if you can or type it down ?


    • Maybe…but I’ll tell you the comments, in the meantime, since you’re blind ;).

      Arrow pointing to “Agian”: <– Redneck spelling.

      Arrow pointing to whole thing: <– The North will kick your asses again. 🙂

    • Did try to go back to make photo larger…already resized smaller and saved as smaller files. D’oh. Next time I’ll be more careful and link in Flickr so you can go to larger photos.

  10. This is hilarious. I live in Texas, so I see this sort of crap all the time. But in Pennsylvania? I just shake my head…