The Obligatory Fourth of July Post

As bloggers in America, we have to compose certain posts and today as an American, this is one of them. I’m not complaining. I’m just stating a fact. You can’t be an American blogger without mentioning these on your blog: New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, The Fourth of July, Sept. 11, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. If you don’t, you’re just not American. <– written half-tongue-in-cheek so please don’t lob nasty comments at me or come after me with your proverbial pitchforks, you bleeding heart liberals (of which I am one).

So to that end, I’m giving you my favorite songs I associate with the Fourth of July. Yes, I’ve done this already over at my Unfinished Person on Tumbler blog and I did mention them in my post yesterday, but today I’m putting them all together in one, with only one link to my playlist of some of my favorite songs associated with the Fourth of July and then the top four songs.

First, here’s the link:

Second, here are videos from YouTube to my top four:

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

15 responses to “The Obligatory Fourth of July Post

  1. I hate the 4th of July. I don’t like fireworks. I don’t like all the flag waving. I think it’s dumb. I do like Jimi Hendrix. He rocks! The only holiday I really like to celebrate is my birthday.

  2. I didn’t write a July 4 post. Dang it! I knew I was a Communist all along!!!

  3. I’m unAmerican. Sniff. I didn’t even know until I read your post.

  4. I forget to post on about half of those holidays. 🙂

  5. great songs! Hope you had a fabulous 4th!

  6. The 4th of July? How passe’. Nobody writes 4th of July posts anymore.


  7. You, my friend, have good music taste.
    I’m just glad that Lee Greenwood did not pop up on the screen!

  8. For me? Awww, how sweet. Bottoms up!

  9. Happy 4th! I’m having a fifth in your honor.

  10. Hrm – I only acknowledged 3 of your ‘required eight’. That actually makes me happy. I hate doing what I’m ‘supposed to’.

    • The thing is they are “required” and not really required, if you know what I mean. I don’t do them either, so that’s okay. I’m not much for the “supposed to” either.

  11. You’re writing about the 4th of July? Now there’s a post with a bang!

    Happy 4th.

    By the way, Yes does an interesting version of S&G’s America.