All Suffering SOON TO END!

Don't get me wrong either. I love black people!

"And yea, the moose will lie down with the black people."

This is the tract I was handed today by a woman.

Funny thing is she didn’t knock at my door. I knocked at hers.


Yes, I was delivering home delivered meals today for the local Area Agency on Aging when this woman to whom I was delivering told me she had something she wanted to give me.

Apple pie has been consumed in England since t...

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At first, I thought it was going to be cookies, perhaps in thanks for delivering meals to her. Or maybe pie. Ummm. Pie. I do love me some apple pie…no, not in a weird American Pie kind of way, but to eat. Ummm.

Alas, it wasn’t pie, but a pamphlet…and then a bit of proselytizing on her part about how humans are ruining the earth, in particular, the natural gas companies that are drilling in our area.

At one point, she asked me:

“Will you be glad when you’re on the other side?”

I told her:

“I’m just glad to be on this side.”

She then asked me what I was doing this weekend…

…er, okay, this is getting a little kinky, ma’am.

She then went and got a flyer:

Looks  like the local JWs have got themselves a convention…

…and they want you and me to be there to have the following questions answered:

  • Will humans ruin this earth?
  • What is God’s Kingdom?
  • When will it come,
  • and with what effect?

My own answers to those questions:

  • Haven’t we already?
  • But despite that, isn’t it here now?
  • Again, isn’t it already here?,
  • and its effect is all around us.

15 responses to “All Suffering SOON TO END!

  1. OK, I find the first one to be a bit racist! “When will the suffering end” and it is people with dark skin. HUH?! Hispanic? African American? People with tans?

    Yup, we have already ruined the earth, that is for sure. Hey, on the earth ruin picture.. are those pterodactyls flying overhead?!

  2. JW’s are all very nice. I like them. I take their magazines too. I don’t read them, but I take them. I had a pair of nice Mormon boys come to the door a couple of weeks ago. I told them I was a non-believer but gave them some ice water anyway. That may or may not get me into heaven. Oh wait! I don’t believe in heaven either.

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  4. Best captions ever! It’s terrible when charity bites you in the butt that way, at least you got some interesting art out of it!

  5. Do we have to know how to ride horses in heaven?

  6. No pie?


    A pamphlet?

    Lovely, just lovely.


  7. I’ve not had to deal with a JW since I moved to Virginia, thankfully. Here we just have Mormons come knocking on our doors. Still, I do kinda sorta miss the funny handouts. I love your commentary. I’m sorry about the pie that never materialized. So sorry.

  8. “She then asked me what I was doing this weekend…

    …er, okay, this is getting a little kinky, ma’am.”