I’m free to read what I want, any old time

Last night I decided that I’m starting the month of June off with a clean slate reading-wise, which includes returning all books to library that I’ve borrowed but haven’t read yet. That decision also encompasses books that I had started, but just wasn’t finding the energy to finish. Furthermore, this morning I decided I’m free to read what I want and that I’m not going to play by their rules anymore.

When I say “their” rules, who do I mean? First, I mean my own rules that I established earlier this year and since I’m not going to live by them anymore, I’m not going to provide links to them. Second, and always, in case you’ve missed it previously, “the rules of publishers.” I follow a lot of book bloggers on Twitter and in my reader, and most, not all, are caught up with what they’re reading and reviewing for publishers. Personally, as someone who prefers, for the most part, reading books at least a year or more old, I never understood the appeal of being bound to read recent releases — and then committing to write reviews on those books for publishers. I don’t need the pressure. I have enough pressure deciding what book I’m reading without all that.

So as one of my friends on Twitter asked me, “What did you plan to start with?” and I answered: “don’t know yet…no plans, whenever I make plan, it always fails.” I then told her “I might try books that are already on my shelves that I haven’t read instead of getting books at the library — or might not.” She responded that was the “way to commit to no planning.”

Of course, ironically, committing to no planning is committing to planning, because you are planning to not plan. If I deny there is any authority or established order, am I not conversely acknowledging that chaos is the established order? Well, I could philosophize about this ouroboros all day, but needless to say, I’m not going to do that.

Instead, whatever the definition of “free” and its inherent limitations, I’m going to revel in the fact that I’m free…

So what are you planning on reading this month or are you like me and just going with the flow?

15 responses to “I’m free to read what I want, any old time

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  2. I love, love, love reading by my own rules! It’s why I stopped accepting hard copies ages ago. The only reason I’m sticking with Netgalley is that, for whatever reason, I feel free of obligation with ebooks. I’ll review them when I review them, and if I don’t like them I just stop and click ‘decline.’ 😉 Quite satisfying! Even then, I wouldn’t use Netgalley if I could get the books from my library, particularly as ebooks for when my pain is too bad to read paper ones.

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  4. I like your plan. I always read that way. I feel bad for some bloggers that don’t have time to read what they want because they are on a tight review schedule for books they agree to review for publishers. Well I don’t feel bad because it is their choice, but that’s why I don’t do review books except for the Amazon Vine program but there is no time limit on those and I feel no pressure.

  5. I’ve tried to keep to the books that I put on my list at the beginning of the year; however, I’ve been known to venture outside that list, as I have done several times this year.

    Right now I’m reading Decision Pointsby President Bush. After that, I plan on tackling The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

    I definitely applaud your approach for not having a plan though, it keeps things interesting for your reading.

  6. I had been really positive I didn’t want a Kindle. When my husband presented me with one, I was seriously annoyed.

    I am so glad that I have changed my views. I have perhaps 10,000 books in my home. (8,000 of them are stacked in the basement.) I no longer have those damn things sitting around, mostly already read, more than once, and some only perused for the first 20 pages or so before I gave up on them. The piles and piles of books bothered me, but I can’t throw away a book. I have given a lot away, but there comes a time when having that little Kindle keeps me so much more organized in my life.

  7. Oh, I’m all about subverting the establishment and plan to read whatever the heck I want. But I did promise to do Nerds Heart YA and three reviews for book tours this month, sooo… yeah.

  8. I think it’s a great idea to stop pressuring yourself to read certain books and just start over. I have a huge stack of books to read this month. My bookcases are overflowing and I would really like to read what I have before I give it away.

    • Your bookcases and mine both…although I don’t mind giving it away. Did get rid of a pile of books last month that I gave to our local library book sale. Didn’t even blink in doing it.

  9. Great, now I’ve got that song in my head …. earworm…earrrrrrrworrrrrrmmmmmm!!!! GAHH!!!

    I just started reading the first Sookie Stackhouse novel after some guy (a guy!) recommended it to me and I’ve never seen True Blood yet, although it might be on my Netflix queue. I like it so far and it may set me off on a series tear for the summer (which for you I realize would last about a week the way you plow through stuff).

    • Hey, Margaret, there are worse songs to have stuck in your head. Be thankful that I didn’t link to that Rebecca Black song. Talk about gahh!

      A guy? Is he straight? 😉 Not that I’m judging….oh, wait, yes, I was. Sorry.

      I don’t know if True Blood is on Instant yet…might be. Actually, as for series, I don’t plow through series in a week…I wish. My problem is I have too many series going at once. 😦

  10. Good for you! I like your rules, or lack of them.

    I think I will read ‘Rules of Civility’ by George Washington and ‘Slouching Towards Gomorrah’ by Judge Robert H. Bork

    Now that I put it in print, I have to do it. My rule.


  11. Planning to not plan, hmmm? Sounds like a plan to me! Or……not….

    I’m one of those bloggers who does review, but have stopped accepting most review copies and am slowly but surely finishing off review commitments. Problem is, now the publishers have started sending books even when I don’t ask for them! Fortunately, I feel no guilt or obligation to review a book I didn’t request.