Patron of the Month: Mr. I’m-Mad-As-Hell-At-Punk-Kids-And-I’m-Not-Going-To-Take-It-Anymore

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This past month’s Patron of the Month (used to be Patron of the Week and I’m not changing the category now, but will change the graphic next month) comes to us from The Land of Cranky Old Men.

Please welcome I’m-Mad-As-Hell-At-Punk-Kids-And-I’m-Not-Going-To-Take-It-Anymore.

He walked in last Friday afternoon and told me the following or something similar:

Seniors are out there today, driving like madmen, blasting their horns and speeding around town since it’s their last day.

Now first, I admit I had to decipher what he was saying, because when he said “seniors,” my mind went immediately to folks of his own age. The man in question is in his 80s. However, after I thought about a minute, I realized it couldn’t be all senior citizens’ last day on earth in our fair town (thank God, since nursing homes are one of the main businesses here and if they did all depart for the Elysian Fields, our town probably would disappear from the map) and what he was referring to was seniors from the local high school, who will be graduating in a couple of weeks. It was their last day and they were celebrating that fact.

All I could say to him was something to the effect of:

They’re kids and they’re happy to be done. Let them celebrate.

Which prompted a response not unlike this one from the patron:

Old man Gives Finger stencil

Photo courtesy of vipez on Flickr

Except his finger was waggling and his face was flushed bright red to accentuate his anger.

Him: I just don’t understand how they can be so rude.

Me: Well, some might interpret that middle finger you just gave as rude too, you know?

Despite himself, he had to laugh, but then continued on his tirade against the graduating seniors. In the end, he just shook his head and hobbled with his cane into the newspaper section in the back to read his USA Today, where life, the text (both form with font and content with diction a high school senior or caveman can comprehend with little to no difficulty) and the graphics (especially the pie charts…ummmm, pie) are simple.

I still can hear him muttering:

Damned punk kids anyway…

11 responses to “Patron of the Month: Mr. I’m-Mad-As-Hell-At-Punk-Kids-And-I’m-Not-Going-To-Take-It-Anymore

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  2. I love seeing kids having fun. The exception to that is if they are getting out of line and drinking. I just wish they could all celebrate and be safe at the same time. I’m not old enough yet to be as cranky as that dude!

    • Oh, I’m not that cranky yet either.

      Separate note: I’m having hot dogs tonight with ketchup. We didn’t have mustard in fridge and I wasn’t going back out.

  3. Damn punk kids! Why do they get to have all the fun while you’re stuck in the library?

  4. I called my kid a punk once.

    He cried.

    What a baby.

    hee hee hee

  5. After a Memorial Day weekend at 911 I’m inclined to agree with him. About half of the bad choice-making that resulted in calling either helicopters or the coroner was made by ‘punk kids’.

  6. This cracked me up!
    I live in a retirement town myself and Wednesdays are senior days in most stores, so it never fails on Wednesday that I run into some older crotchety citizens who wants to do nothing but bitch about people being rude, while being rude themselves.
    In most cases, its not as amusing as this example lol

    • Major retirement town here.

      I also volunteer at a senior center and I could tell you stories from there…well, I can’t, because of confidentiality. 🙂