Pimpin’ out my favorite humor and book bloggers

For today’s post for Armchair BEA (click on link to be magically transported there), we were supposed to interview others and be interviewed ourselves OR share some of our favorite bloggers.

Ah ha. Ha ah. Note: It did not say “book bloggers”, it said “bloggers.” So in that spirit, I’m going to start with my 10 favorite blogs from “humor” bloggers, many I have met through the now defunct and Humor Bloggers dot com, which, as of the writing of this post, is having technical difficulties:

My wife, who also has a blog ([RSS] Dispatches from the Northern Outpost);  my sister, who, yes, has a blog too ( [RSS] Boondock Ramblings) and I have met two of the bloggers from above: Kathy from The Junk Drawer and Jenn of Of Cabbages and Kings. Luckily –at least for us in this case– we all live in Pennsylvania and so were able to “meet up.”

And now on to my 10 favorite book blogs from “book bloggers,,” although at least one here, maybe two, don’t exclusively call themselves “book bloggers”:

I have met none of these people IRL, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to meet them in real life, especially…ha, just kidding, you thought I’d fall for that and try to pick only one when, of course, I’d rather meet all 10…at the same time. Meeting one on one would be too stressful, especially with…ah, nope not falling for that either.

For other bloggers whom I follow, all of whom I love (yep, just saying that to make them not feel bad that I didn’t include them in the above lists 😉 ) see my blogroll (which will be updated at the end of this week with even more book bloggers as I’m getting more comments from them “and their kind” via Armchair BEA this week).

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

21 responses to “Pimpin’ out my favorite humor and book bloggers

  1. I know I’m super duper late but I wanted to say thanks. So, thanks. I think you’re pretty swell as well.

    And the thought of meeting book bloggers makes me sweat a bit, too. Much more social online than off.

  2. I have totally fallen behind on reading blogs during BEA/BBCon week – and yes, I do see the irony – but many belated thanks for the mention!

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  4. Thank you sir! Your support and friendship are as always greatly appreciated.

  5. So many great blogs, so little time

  6. I missed this day somehow. I didn’t post anything. I think I am more of a book wrangler 😛 I love coming here and just reading even if I don’t comment much.

  7. Once again, thanks for the shout out, I do appreciate it!

  8. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I’m flattered and honored and now I have a warm fuzzy feeling that will last all day.

  9. I am so honored! Thanks for adding me to your list of favorites!

  10. Awesome list of most excellent bloggers!

    • Your blog is getting there, Sweet Pea 😉 <– don't know where that came from…anyway, moving on …it's definitely in my top 20…some of these folks mentioned I've known a little bit longer…okay, a lot longer than you, but that doesn't mean you're not right up there.

  11. Well aren’t you the nicest thing?? I’m truly honored to be on this list.

    Thank You.

  12. I am so honored! (Though not quite sure how I feel about being “pimped” out. LOL)

  13. Golly, I’m verklempt. Thanks a lot. I really look UP to you. (See what I just did there?)

  14. HAHAH! You are funny! I’m going to check out all your suggestions. I think it’s awesome that your wife AND your sister blog! I wish my brother would blog…I got him to do it once but it was just this long post about how I always make him do stuff he doesnt want to do.

    Peace out!