I’m gonna get free, I’m gonna get free, I’m gonna get free

Moaning Myrtle.

That’s what I’ve become.

I am a ghost of myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

This morning a light shone down on me:

…as I realized why I’ve become trapped in

…this place…

…this zoo…

…this prison…

…this reality, whatever you want to call it.

It’s really SAD.

No, really, it’s Seasonal Affective Disorder

…I’m allergic to all seasons.

I hate winter because of snow.

I hate spring because of rain.

I hate summer because of humidity.

I hate fall because of…er, I don’t know…I just hate it. OK?

But seriously, I do think that I’m affected by the lack of light in our “neck of the woods” which right now I’d like to chop off and replace with this:

Carousel Horses produced by the Dentzel Company of Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1867-1928 (2)

I don’t know why, but I do know:

I must  get out of here.

I must get free.

And in this mind is the key.

My key.

Carousel horse head image: Photo courtesy of Mary Harrsch via Flickr
Official En Vogue Free Your Mind video so you can crank it properly.

Er, yeah, this is the song that inspired the title.

Peace out, y’all. Holla.

9 responses to “I’m gonna get free, I’m gonna get free, I’m gonna get free

  1. The weather effects me like that too. Emotionally. Mentally. Psychically. It’s been raining for two days straight and it’s not supposed to stop until Sunday. I’ll probably be ready to jump off a cliff by then!

  2. You need to get yourself one of those Light Boxes, and sit under it and read for a half hour every day. It makes a HUGE difference. Fall kicks my butt because of S.A.D. normally. It was “get a light box or move south.” 🙂

    • Kim has a light…a full spectrum light…she says.

      But yes, agreed. Light. Need light…and then I’ll go on a mission from God…that won’t involve moving south.

  3. I love spring when its dry and I adore fall. Actually I love winter if there is pretty snow. Not that this is helpful to you. I suffer from depression and there is just no set time or season when it flares up, I guess just when the meds stop working. Here’s wishing you sun with no humidity. I HATE humidity, but it makes me feel more angry than depressed.

  4. When you get pushed out the door, be sure to stay away from Centre Co. LOL!!

  5. Mmmmmm ‘kay.
    So when the weather is nice again I guess you won’t mind when I push you out the front door like that kid in Sixteen Candles who doesn’t want to go to the dance.
    I think you need to head up to Mt. Tom and get your mind right.