Sinus pressure is my excuse, what’s yours?

Today I posted the following status update on Facebook:

Ugh. Sinus pressure doesn’t help. Of course, it’s my excuse for everything lately.

It was in reference to a low score I got in QRANK.

However, it could be in reference to almost anything, for example, why I didn’t put up a Motivation Monday blog post yesterday.

It’s the sinus pressure.

Why I haven’t been to Mass in almost five months:

It’s the sinus pressure.

Why Netflix didn’t work for several hours last night on my Roku:

It’s the sinus pressure.

Why I made a Facebook faux pas two days ago on a friend’s wall (it’s too long and complicated to explain — needless to say, we’ve made up even though I’m an idiot– but the reason why isn’t):

It’s the sinus pressure.

Why I’m listening to the new album Move Like This by The Cars on Mog that has this song on the album:

It’s the sinus pressure.

So what’s your excuse this week?

4 responses to “Sinus pressure is my excuse, what’s yours?

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  2. ugh, i call this time of year “the dying time” because i have a sinus headache and puffy everything all month, regardless of how much allegra i take. hate, hate hate!

  3. I have no excuses, either. I’m just very good at procrastinating.

  4. I have no excuses. I am a hypocrite. And that’s not caused by sinus pressure.