What about rap stars? Or opera stars, for that matter?


I find this headline to be so demeaning to the other genres out there, yo.

Bitch had it comin'. Like…(spoiler alert)…Carmen in Seville.

8 responses to “What about rap stars? Or opera stars, for that matter?

  1. What about all the accordion virtuosos out there? Don’t they deserve some air time too?

  2. This headline grabbed my eye too. You sort of wonder what they are thinking don’t you? I am not too surprised that people who sing songs like “Proud to be an American”, and “The Ballad of the Green Beret” are interviewed about their reactions.

    Nobody has asked “Flava Flav” and nobody has asked “Tim Dawg” and I don’t know why. “Lil Bow Wow” might have a really interesting perspective. Oh never mind.

  3. Headlines are usually so stupid but that one is right up there. Personally I’ve been wondering how the Kardashians are reacting, it’s really important to me to know this.

  4. I know I for one, am wondering what pop stars like Justin Bieber are thinkin’ right now…hmm, I wonder…wonder…

  5. I have no idea why, but I am totally laughing at your use of the word, “yo”. It’s really cracking me up.