Good Friday and good friends

Each Friday, I post Flashback Friday, where I use St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Examen as a guide and usually ask the following questions: For what are you least grateful this past week? For what are you most grateful this past week

Least grateful

Lent. Yep, I’m least grateful that I didn’t make it to Mass once during Lent and that I’m not sure when I’ll make it again, even maybe not this Sunday, Easter of all times, as I’ll be going to my parents for Easter and probably will be using the time I’d go to Mass for travel time. I also am ungrateful that I didn’t perform simple acts of kindness like the one that was extended to me at the start of this Lenten season. If anything, I’ve probably been less than kind…which I partially blame on the weather (continues to suck), but also I blame on myself…along with “this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson.”


Online friends, including, but not limited to, the following folks:

  • A group of book bloggers, whom I’ve been joining each Saturday on Twitter for the last few Saturday to watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie. We started with Sabotage, then watched North by Northwest and Strangers on a Train. This Saturday night at 10 p.m. Eastern time, we will be watching Dial M for Murder. Join us at #hitchfest.
  • Pam of Bookalicious, who sent me a copy of Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, earlier this week. I can’t quite remember the exact circumstances of why she sent me the book, but I think it’s after she read it and reviewed it, she was singing its praises on Twitter and I told her I hadn’t heard of it, so she said she’d send a copy of it. Now I’ll have to see what all the hype is about…probably within the next month or two, since I’m a little tied up with the Harry Potter series right now and also George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series.

So for what are you least grateful and most grateful this past week?

16 responses to “Good Friday and good friends

  1. I am reading Harry Potter books at the same time as my older son so that we can discuss them together.
    Sometimes, before going to sleep, we do a “what are you grateful about” session, where everyone in the room has to mention 3 things. I think we have a lot in common. Not sure how you found our site, but glad you did. Glad I found yours.

    • That’s a good practice to have. I need to do that more often in my own life…not just every Friday or so, but every day.

      I found your site through Tribal Blogs…via Cardiogirl. Thanks for stopping by here too.

  2. Most grateful: That I’m in a great group in my Speech class plus it’s spring break.

    Least grateful: That I’m feeling a little icky lately and haven’t read as much as I want to. (That’s my fault: I need to stay off of Facebook.)

    Have a great Easter.

  3. I’m currently working my way through the “100 greatest novels” ever written. Over the past few years I think I’ve checked off 62 or so. Haven’t read any current releases in awhile now. So, how’s the Harry Potter series?

    Let’s see, I’m least grateful that all three of my dogs will race across miles of bare floor to puke on the carpet.

    And I’m grateful for my family and good friend. Oh, and for that pig that gave up it’s hind leg to become the ham for tomorrow’s dinner. 🙂

    • Harry Potter series is awesome…I wish I had the ambition you had to read all those novels. I just wish I had ambition, period. 🙂

      Stupid dogs.

      Oh, yeah, our part of the pig was good too. 🙂

  4. I love Alfred Hitchcock! I got half way through the biography “The Dark Side of Genius.” The man was twisted. Played really mean practical jokes on actors, etc. He worked in advertising as a graphic designer before becoming a director. He created a storyboard for every scene in his films.
    Here’s a link:

    Do you rent the movies or watch them online? Recently saw “The Birds.” Love the way that man builds suspense a.k.a. scene with birds in playground.

    Least grateful for the telecom that wants to stick a 150-ft tower or “stealth pine” in a nearby neighborhood that I will probably be able to see from my house. Kind of like Palin and Russia. We are fighting this. Last week was especially draining.

    Ungrateful that at times I don’t have a filter in my brain (I’m ADD and take meds that wear off late in the day) and say or write things that I regret.

    Most grateful that there always will be “hope,” family and good friends.

    Have a great weekend!

    • I didn’t know that (the mean practical joke side) about old Al. That’s too funny — well, I guess, if you weren’t on the receiving end.

      We sometimes rent (mostly via Netflix), sometimes watch online. This week we’ll probably rent, because it’s not one available on streaming: Suspicion with Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine. One of the members of our group is a huge Cary Grant fan and it’s her birthday.

      Oooh, I’m sorry to hear about the telecom trying to stick the “stealth pine” in your backyard, so to speak.

      As for writing things I regret, I do that too sometimes…not often, but every once in a while.

  5. Regardless of how Lent went for you I hope that you have a lovely Easter with your parents. All of our holiday plans are up the air due to this baby (due date TODAY!!).

    Not sure what my least and most grateful moments are. Grateful that my house is relatively clean. Not grateful that I’m sitting here waiting for baby.

  6. Least grateful: Hmmm … I don’t think I really have one other than not getting to the laundry.

    Most grateful: a) I don’t have to go to a wedding; b) I don’t have to go to a funeral; and, c) I beat my own deadline by posting something before my end of the month deadline.

  7. Least grateful for men who wear their pants up too high. Least grateful for having committed to go to a wedding. I hate weddings. Ironic, I know. These are church people so I’m sure there will be a bunch of praying about the whole thing, and I dislike that as much as the high waisted pants on men.

    Most grateful for linen and organic honey.

  8. Least grateful: The splitting headaches brought on by allergies.

    Most grateful: Only 3 weeks to go until school and the misery of homework are over.