From elation yesterday to PO’d this afternoon, it’s all good

Each Friday, I post Flashback Friday, where I use St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Examen as a guide and usually ask the following questions: For what are you least grateful this past week? For what are you most grateful this past week?

Least grateful

This afternoon. I don’t know when it started, but I think it might have been with one fairly loud toddler, whose mother didn’t seem to know how to shut her the hell up, at the library where I work. Then it went downhill from there…to my walking down the street because our “mechanic” (he actually owns the business, but doesn’t work on the cars himself, although he does manage the business and his mechanics) was supposed to pick me after work but didn’t pick me up in as timely a fashion as I liked (meaning within 10 minutes). “The shop” is about a half mile out of town and I had to …well, didn’t, but did because I was impatient and hungry (had ordered a pizza and didn’t like waiting to go get it)…walk there. Along the way, I was saying a few “colorful” words. No, it didn’t end with he and I in a fistfight. We basically both agreed to disagree, meaning we just let bygones be bygones and went home, I to my pizza, he to his not having to deal with impatient and hungry customers. Who knows? Maybe he was impatient and hungry himself.


Yesterday. My wife and I learned that instead of owing the IRS money that we received $14 back from them. What are we going to do with the $14? Well, in case you missed it, yesterday I threw out a few ideas. You still can vote…until next Thursday on where we should spend the money.

3 responses to “From elation yesterday to PO’d this afternoon, it’s all good

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  2. I don’t drive. It saves me money and aggravation. Plus, I am used to walking at least a mile every day. It keeps me in shape. I can tune out bratty kids. I’m lucky.

    Spend your $14 wisely, my friend.

  3. Just not having a vehicle so I can do what I want when I want is enough to make me cranky.

    I’ve worked in a library and a bookstore. I have lots to say about inattentive parents but I won’t. 🙂

    We are going to do our taxes this weekend. I hope. My hubby keeps putting it off because he is afraid we will owe. I just want it over with. We do them ourselves but this past year we bought a house, sold a house, moved states and moved jobs. Most complicated return we have had to do.