$14 to the good, meaning to The Wife and me

Uncle Sam

Image by AJC1 via Flickr

Yeah, baby.

This is what we are getting back from Uncle Sam this year and why he isn’t looking too happy in the photo at right and pointing his finger at you (actually at us): “I don’t like giving you any amount of money. That’s right, I mean, you, Mr. and Mrs. Unfinished Person.”

Last year The Wife and I owed $400-odd dollars to him. So after going to our accountant this morning and learning that we’re actually getting a refund, we’re feeling pretty good right now.

We just don’t know where to spend the money.

So I thought I’d go online to get some ideas with that very question: What can you buy for $14? There were about 9.77 million results! Of course, that was without the quote marks.

Among the things we could buy with our $14 refund:

And that was only on the first page!

With quote marks, only one result was returned that actually was $14 and not $14 million, which was a little out of our price range, and it involved a 14 kt gold penny ring for $13.99 from eBay.

21 responses to “$14 to the good, meaning to The Wife and me

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  2. I’d put my money on a good bottle of wine – or a pizza.

  3. Maybe you can get a good paperback or something. It’s better than nothing, and a lot better than owing!

  4. I’m totally going with the laffa bread. Not sure what it is but it’s unlimited so I’ll take that. Haven’t finished (or actually started) the taxes here yet. Maybe next week.

  5. Lucky you; take the cookies! We have to pay big-time:(

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  7. That would buy almost four gallons of gas. Woo-hoo! Lucky you. I owe the bastards.

  8. Cookies! I would definitely buy cookies to celebrate my largess… which will quickly translate into a large ass.

  9. The Shoe Dazzle fo sho!

  10. Hey man, 14 bucks is 14 bucks! Good for you – glad you do NOT owe THEM any money!

  11. We TOTALLY could get a case of Bolsillos Calientes for under $14.
    I’d be all over the karaoke if it was local.

  12. I’ve never done karaoke. But hey! I’ll try anything once. It’s probably better than a case of Hot Pockets.