What a difference a week made (TSS)

The Sunday What a difference a week made.

Just 168 hours.

Brought the sun and the flowers.

Where there used to be rain.

Okay, technically, I haven’t seen any flowers and not only was it rain, but also snow last week, but this morning, I am seeing sunshine and to mix musical metaphors, it’s not in a bag, but the future is coming on.

Last week after declaring myself a monogamous reader, I was geared up to read The Likeness by Tana French, but then I hit a speed bump and the karma train hit me again. Now I’m getting my reading mojo back on the road again as I’ve decided to tackle the Harry Potter series. I already had read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone a few years ago, but then for some reason, I never got to the rest of them. With the last part of the series coming to the big screen, I’ve been thinking about reading the entire series and then watching all of the movies leading up to the last one.

This past week kismet intervened as the library where I work received the entire series in hardcover as a donation from a patron. Yes, of course, we already had the series, but it’s nice to have second copies of so popular a series, especially when the original copies get so worn, even with covers put on them. So I saw the series sitting on a table in the library, and suddenly I knew what my next reads would be.

Yesterday I began with the first one, since it has been a few years since I read it and I’m finding it as delightful as I did then. I should finish with it this morning and be on to the second one by nightfall…actually by mid-afternoon, if I don’t get sidetracked by a nap or Netflix, which is oft to happen on Sunday afternoons, especially a nap.

So whatchya reading today? On tap for this week, the rest of this month?

23 responses to “What a difference a week made (TSS)

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  2. Oh, I love when readers discover, or rediscover, the HP series. It remains one of my favorites today. There is something so magical about them (no pun intended) that makes them a perfect way to get back into the reading spirit. Savor each one!

  3. I never finished the Harry Potter series, either! And, the only thing I’ve had time to read are blogs, lately!

  4. Oh Harry Potter – these are such comfort book for me… I would love to take time to read the last two again before the movie comes out this summer.

  5. I love the HP series. I’ve reread all of them several times.

    Currently on Water for Elephants. Next up, Stranger in a Strange Land. Both were book club picks. For me I’m still finishing a Wheel of Time book as I am slowly working my way through that series and a friend sent me Jaywalking with the Irish.

    Great meeting you last night at the Slumber Party!

    • It was good meeting to you too. So are you liking Water for Elephants? I’ve heard it was good. Same with Stranger in a Strange Land. I have the first one of the Wheel of Time series and did try it, but it didn’t grab me. Maybe I’ll have to try it again another time.

  6. I truly enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series about 4 years ago. I read them when my sister and wife wanted to see The Order of the Phoenix in the theater. As you saw when I posted about reading books before movies, I had to read them before hitting the theater, and am glad I did.

    You’re right in your assessment that they get darker as you go through them, but it’s not so dark as say Tim Burton’s original Batman movie. 🙂

  7. My 12-year-old and I have been listening to the HP audios, hoping to finish before the last movie comes out this summer. I’ve read them all before, but read them so quickly that I am experiencing them all over again on audio – and Noah hasn’t read them before, only seen the movies. He now says he understands why the later movies have disappointed me, with the amount of important stuff and funny stuff left out. We need to get going – we’re at the end of book 5, but we only listen in the van, so it’s hard to find time – and they’re looooooong on audio. Book 5 is 23 discs!

    • Ugh. That’s why I’m reading them instead.

      But I’ve heard that the books are better than the movies. That’s also why I wanted to read them before seeing the rest of the movies.

  8. I can think of few better ways to cure a reading slump than Harry Potter. I’ve read them all, and hope to find time to re-read the last book before the last movie comes out this summer.

    • The last movie coming out this summer is partially what prompted me to read them. I had seen up until No. 3, but hadn’t seen the other movies, because I felt guilty that I hadn’t read them.

  9. I love the Harry Potter series! It used to be something I would re-read every summer. I haven’t done that in a while. I hope you enjoy the books. Book 6 is my favorite.

  10. I never finished the Harry Potter series, either. Sacrilege for someone who works with kids, I know! Do you manage to sneak in time to read at work, or do you do all your reading at home?

    BTW… the crocus are actually out up here! It’s about time!

    • Whaaaa? You never finished the series either!!!?? No way ;).

      As for reading, I do read at the library sometimes, but never when I’m covering school board meetings or borough council meetings for the newspaper…since I’m…well…covering the meetings. 🙂 I mostly read, though, in the in-between times when I’m not at work at either places. Sundays, theoretically, are a good day for catching up on reading.

      BTW…I think I spoke too early about Spring. We’re expecting freezing rain, sleet and snow later tonight and later in the week. 😦

      (Now that I’ve used the three major emoticons, my comment here is done.)

  11. I’ve really enjoyed the variety in this week’s reading…

    I plan to start the Harry Potter series…soon!


  12. This week I’m hoping to finish up Someone knows my name (on loan and another bookclubber needs to read it before April’s meeting), so another book will be replacing that. Not quite sure which one yet, maybe Cleopatra’s Daughter… maybe something else. Will see what takes my fancy the next time I stare at my unread shelf. 🙂

  13. I made terrible choices for spring break and my reading has suffered. I determinedly am plodding through some sad stories today. There seems to be a tiny bit of light at the end. Need a little redemption today.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon: Lent and Sacrificing Books.