You’re not much if you’re Irish either

My late grandmother, on my father’s side, used to have a sign hanging in one of her hallways that read:

You’re not much if you’re not Dutch.

It got me thinking today: What if you’re Irish?

Eh, you’re not much either, you mick bastard.

And I say this with Irish blood in me, even though admittedly I have more Scottish than Irish in my blood, and probably more Dutch than Irish.

With a last name that roughly translates Robin’s Son, obviously I also have English in my blood. Most likely, I have Welsh too in my blood to round out the British Isles. To my knowledge, I have no other European strains, although my mother thinks we might have German in our family tree on her side of the family.

She might be right as I recently unearthed this drawing in a shoebox of my late grandmother, on my mother’s side:

From right to left are my great-great-great-great-great grandcousin Siegfried, his son, Roy, Siegfriend’s other son, Bob, and Bob’s real mother, Siegfried’s mistress, Lorelei. I might be wrong, but I think by the way he’s standing, Siggy might have had to pee when this family portrait was taken.

At least, no Luxembourger blood runs through my veins…

…although it could. After all, it is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

And I don’t think it’s too much to ask to make the leap to this “Dutchie”:

and then back to my Dutch heritage, since Luxembourg is only one country removed from Luxembourg.

All you have to do is follow the white rabbit.

16 responses to “You’re not much if you’re Irish either

  1. HA! No Name Dufus’s comment is cracking me up!

  2. Ooops! I just realized I got your’s and dufus’ post mixed up (re: Guinness, and probably everything else – Gah! Colour me green).

  3. I’d be part Irish meself, Funny, though, I never really liked the colour green when I was growing up.

    I do like dark beer, but Guiness (even though it is all the rage here), it a bit too stout for me. I think you have to drink it at about 68 – 72 degrees F. Still – yuck!

    As for dufus: he’s due for an ‘intervention’.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. hubs is Dutch born and raised in Rotterdam I however am American… if it’s one generation removed peeps…

  5. Leave it to Dufus to come up with the best comment of the day. Love the video! Catchy tune, that.

  6. I think I got home just in time.

    A woman in Rite Aid spontaneously offered that she was probably part Irish because her family was ‘Heinz 57’. I guess my St. Pat’s Day manicure inspired her to confess her breeding. I don’t know.

    In other news, damn you for getting that song in my head.

  7. Ha! And extra HA! at Nomie for his comment.

    Unfinisheened Person.

    Nah, doesn’t really work and I don’t recommend his “winning” ways either!

    You’re much better off being you, even if you are all unfinished and such.


  8. My grandpa’s favorite thing to say was “If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much.” His grammar wasn’t as good as your grandma’s was. 🙂 Glad to know there’s a fellow Dutch book blogger out there. I’m about 3/4 Dutch, but it’s all I really claim. 🙂

    • No, it wasn’t my grandmother’s, but a sign. However, my grandmother probably would have said it in proper grammar too.

      I don’t know if I have that much Dutch in me, but I do have some, and that’s what really counts.

  9. Boy, your relatives really got around. And given your relationship to Siegfried and Roy, guess what? (Wait, for it) You’ve got tiger blood! duh…WINNING!!!

    • Nicely played, Dufus. I wrote this late at night and wasn’t thinking (obviously) about the connection. I might not get “duh – winning” into a post, but leave it to my commenters to keep bringing it up in their comments. 🙂