Of the Sheens, I like Martin the best

American actor Martin Sheen.

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I won’t even speak of that other asshat Sheen who has been hogging the news lately.

His father is so much more cool than he is (hey, I didn’t say I wouldn’t allude to him whose name has been overspoken in the last couple of weeks).

From the very first moment I saw Martin Sheen in this movie:

I knew I had a major man-crush.

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Seeing him later as President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet only solidified that crush.

Dude could play psychotic and presidential. Not many actors can do that. In fact, I only can think of one other: Anthony Hopkins, who played both Hannibal Lecter and Nixon. Mad props to both Ramon and Sir Philip.

Michael Sheen at the 81st Academy Awards

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Honorable Mention Sheen (no relation to either one of the Sheens already mentioned and to whom I alluded): Michael Sheen, even though I think it looks he really should have shaved for this occasion. Slacker. Regardless, he’s an amazing actor. If you haven’t seen Frost/Nixon or The Queen, then you need to go run to your nearest Red Box and get a copy of one or both. If not there, I’m sure you can find both of them on Netflix. In fact, I know you can.

8 responses to “Of the Sheens, I like Martin the best

  1. Hey, I remember that guy from The Queen. The one who played Blair, right?

    If I were a guy, I guess I could have a man-crush on Marty too. But I’m a woman, so he’s just so-so.

    • I can understand that.

      I think I have a man-crush on Helen Mirren too.

      I don’t know. It’s the first woman I thought of whose acting I like, but isn’t super hot.

      Or maybe Judi Dench would be a better example. Yeah, Judi Dench. I have a man-crush on her.

  2. Martin Sheen is by far the best… winning!

  3. I saw that other Sheen in both Frost/Nixon and The Queen and fell madly in love with him. Well worthy of a man crush. You have excellent taste.

  4. You’ve left out Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, the white sheep of the family. Actually, I don’t think they’re related. But if they were I bet he’d be spinning in his grave.