It might as well be spring

Each Monday, I write a Motivation Monday post, which is to help motivate me and you in terms of physical well-being, both diet and exercise. For 2011, I also am including a “no” and a “yes” to help motivate us toward being physically healthy.

No more winter

I am not sure where you live, but where I live in northcentral Pennsylvania, for the last few weeks, it’s been one snowstorm after another and it’s taken on a toll on my motivation. I look out the window and just go, “Ugh. Not again.” Starting this week, and even with my allergies beginning to “act up” yesterday and today (I’m writing this with yet another headache and my nose running), I am not letting winter control me.

More Spring

To that end, and even though Spring doesn’t officially start until 20 days into March, I am starting Spring this week — and not just because my allergies are telegraphing me that it is Spring. I am walking to work at least two days this week and I am walking somewhere, somehow, on both days this weekend. If I have to use an umbrella, because we are expecting rain for much of the week, I will use an umbrella. I’d prefer a sunhat, but if I have to use an umbrella, so be it.

Who’s with me?

13 responses to “It might as well be spring

  1. Get moving, Troop! We don’t have all day.

  2. Okay, I’m with you.

    Slave driver.


  3. Oh we are so on the same page. I always insist that March 01st is the first day of spring. Never mind that up here we probably won’t even see a hint of thaw until April. March 01st is the day that I am officially done with winter, and that’s final!

    And also I do just adore Ella!

  4. I’m sending you Evil Twin and her demolitions package to help your blast out of all that snow.

    I hope you see bees and bunnies soon.

  5. An umbrella wouldn’t do much good here today with 30 mph winds. Early it was sunny to partly sunny and windy. Then it clouded up and was windy. After a while we got the thunderstorms – it was still windy. Still raining, but much calmer now.

  6. I used to live in the South but recently moved to northeastern Ohio and this winter is kicking my ass. I would love to walk but I hate all the snow. I should follow you and get the motivation.

    • This winter has been brutal, no doubt about it. I also hate all the snow, but the sidewalks in our town are mostly clear so I’m going to walk to work today.

  7. It is crazy cold in Southern California. At least, for this time of year. This weekend we hit a low of 25 degrees and usually we are back in capris and shorts by this time. My yard doesn’t know what to think. A few weeks back the shrubs began to bloom as did the flowering trees and now they aren’t looking too good.

    I’ve been a slug for months now. I used to walk all the time but I can’t stand cold temps. Can’t stand hot temps either but the motivation? Gone!