My CityVille city’s in ruins and I don’t care

Feed the birds

About an hour ago, I actually posted on one of my Facebook profiles the above request from the game CityVille and realized this was the last straw for me and the game.

It wasn’t bad enough that I was begging for zoning permits to continue to build my city, but now I’m begging for bird seed for pigeons for some woman named Ruth?!?!

I already was becoming “disenchanted” with the game when it kept saying there was a lost puppy in the city and wanted me to find one of my neighbors who would adopt. I mean, if it really were my city, we’d have a spay and neuter program that would eliminate the stray dogs.

All I could think of when I read the above request was this song from Mary Poppins:

And then I had this terrible, terrible thought: I hate pigeons. They’re nasty, filthy creatures that poop on everything anyway.

I’m just going to let the avian rodents die – and with it, my city.

It will give me more time to build up my mafia.

Flashback Friday will return next Friday. I just didn’t feel very serious today.

2 responses to “My CityVille city’s in ruins and I don’t care

  1. This kinda cracked me up today!!! 😛