Jesus knows what you’ve been reading

Aragorn knows

If you were just looking at it quickly, wouldn’t you think it was Jesus watching over our check-in screen at the library? Like Santa, he knows when you’ve been good or bad — but by your reading.

As for the other creatures, I have no idea what the hey that is about.

The weird thing is no one knows who put the photo of the Aragorn-like Jesus or the Jesus-like Aragorn on top of the monitor, and no one is taking credit for the freakish munchkin-like gremlin or gremlin-like munchkin and headless mummy either.

14 responses to “Jesus knows what you’ve been reading

  1. This post totally lost me. It was nice and all, but what is it saying again?

  2. I don’t want to explain why I know this, but your ‘Headless Mummy’ is actually a snowman, only its made as if its made out of marshmallows, like a S’more. See how its sitting on a base that looks like chocolate and a graham cracker?

    You’re welcome.

  3. Okay, He knows. But what does He think about it? Would God read the Grapes of Wrath or Hanna Montana’s latest? If you’re a Christian librarian, should you restrict certain books or quit your job if they won’t let you? Are Furbys of Satan? Aragorn? My head is spinning…….

  4. I love it! Aragorn along with the Furbee! It must be the Furbee is luring you into a false sense of security and then, bam! You see that serious look of Aragorn asking you if you really want to check out that item. Thanks for the humor this evening!

    • unfinishedrambler

      I’m sorry I’m still not over that I didn’t know it was a Furbee, but I’m glad I made your evening.

      Wait, my wife says that wasn’t a Furbee. “They talk and shit.” Which I don’t know they did both of those things. Freaky. 😉

      • unfinishedrambler

        In her defense, she’s coming down with a cold, so she doesn’t know what she’s saying. What’s my excuse? As Red on That 70s Show would say (which we were watching tonight) about Eric, I’m a “dumb ass.”

  5. Isn’t that a Furbee – the toy from the late 90s? It does look a bit like a Gremlin, doesn’t it? It was a weird toy either way. I totally missed the Aragon/Jesus picture, but once I saw it, I must say it freaked me out a bit. Too funny and strangely uncomfortable all at the same time.

    • unfinishedrambler

      A Furbee? Oh my and I thought I missed the 1980s. Now I missed the 1990s too. Thanks a lot, Michelle. 🙂

  6. Sheesh! Everyone knows that Jesus only appears in pancakes eaten by devout Catholics during Lent.

    • unfinishedrambler

      I might be wrong about this, but I think Jesus actually “appears” in those wafer-like thingamabobs every Sunday — or at least so Catholics believe. 😉

      I am a convert, but I never learned about pancakes for Lent.

  7. Haha love it. Gave me a good giggle for the morning, which I seriously needed with all this earthquake stuff going on back home in NZ. Thanks.