L’chaims and na zdrovias to all the rich mofos in da house

White House photo

You probably didn’t think this is where I would go today, but really where else could I go?

The questions I have like everyone else are what were they drinking and what were they were toasting?

It certainly looks like white wine of some kind.

Personally I like white wine over red wine myself. If it were me, it’d be a bottle of this:

Or preferably a Finger Lakes wine like this:

Or it wouldn’t be wine at all:

Absolut 50mm
Photo courtesy of andymy8y on Flickr

As for what they were toasting, my guess is this:
Photo courtesy of MauroPM on Flickr

8 responses to “L’chaims and na zdrovias to all the rich mofos in da house

  1. Boone’s Farm? Really??

    Takes me back to high school and freshman year of college when all I could afford was a $2 bottle of Strawberry Hill. Doesn’t taste so good coming up…

  2. One of the countless reasons why I love my husband: He will admit liking Boone’s Farm in a public forum.

  3. The prez is drinking scotch and he has a ciggie in his right hand. He’s texting with his toes.


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  5. Yes…interesting to think about…what were they toasting? “to the social media sucking even more of our brain cells out and causing our children to get fatter and fatter by being on the computer instead of going outside and getting off their sorry rears.”
    I’d go on but I have to check my Facebook. Toddle-doo!

  6. LOL! Different White Cat indeed. I like red wine myself.

    • unfinishedrambler

      Yeah, I didn’t think it was the same White Cat. 🙂

      I like red…but mostly zinfandels, which I guess really don’t count as “red.”