No More Drama: Y’all Take A Chill

Each Monday, I write a Motivation Monday post, which is to help motivate me and you in terms of physical well-being, both diet and exercise. I also include a “no” and a “yes” to help motivate us toward being physically healthy.

No More Drama

Today’s post not only deals with physical well-being, but also mental well-being. As it’s all tied together, I thought it appropriate to leave it here on Motivation Monday.

Over the last week, I’ve been involved with one drama after another, one on Facebook because of a post last week offending a relative, and then one IRL, that was even more self-created because I didn’t like the way something was done regarding a firemen’s banquet this past Saturday. I won’t rehash the particulars, but bottom line: I’m sick of the drama.

So in the case of the “Facebook drama,” I’m reopening my Unfinished Person Facebook account and only automatically posting blog posts from that account. That account primarily will be about my blog, others’ blogs and blogging in general, whereas my personal blog will be just me, somewhat censored for the sake of family harmony. I won’t censor everything, but I will put up only selective blog posts there. If you want the full, uncensored version (with all the drama) from both me and my alter ego, Unfinished Rambler, go to I’m also not deleting anyone who is a blogger from my personal account. I’ll leave it up to you where you choose to follow me: if both, that’s great; if one, that’s fine too; if none, well, then screw you too. 😉

In the case of the “other” drama, I’m just going to chill and let bygones be bygones. After all, it’s my wife that is a member of the ambulance association and fire department. I’m not. So whatever the membership decides, I’ll go along with it…or I’ll just skip the whole shebang altogether if I don’t like it, because no one asked me anyway.

y’all take a chill

Yes, as Samuel L. says at the end of this clip from Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, I need to chill sometimes.

While admittedly I don’t get that worked up, especially on racial issues, I do get myself worked up sometimes about other senseless things and “need to cool that shit out,” as he says.

“And that’s the double truth, Ruth.”

So to that end, I’m going to relax a little more about life, in general, watch some silly sitcoms like Third Rock from the Sun and That 70s Show once in a while like I did last night on Netflix Instant. Who knows? You might even see a few more posts here from my alter ego, Unfinished Rambler, each week, and not from me, where I be all in-your-face serious and what-not. I bet you’re hoping so after all this serious shit I’ve been putting down lately.

7 responses to “No More Drama: Y’all Take A Chill

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  2. Drama belongs on TNT. Our lives are complicated enough.

  3. Drama is highly overrated. Third Rock from the Sun is much more civilized… even if they are aliens.

  4. I get so tired of drama.

    Good for you. Just let it go.