Reading The Accidental Billionaires and getting ready to get in bed with a bookseller (TSS)

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The Sunday Going to shoot right from the hip, right from where I am, although I’ll admit it’s a little difficult when you’re sitting on the couch. So if I don’t hit my intended target, please forgive me.

Today, I plan on finishing The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, the book that was the basis for the movie The Social Network, and trying not to feel the pressure after the author told me it was a “good choice” via Twitter after I mentioned earlier this week that I was reading his book. It’s probably a “bot” he has set up anyway to catch when someone mentions they’re reading the book and then for his account to say, “Good choice.”

Somehow it also seems appropriate I’m reading the book in an e-book version that I borrowed from our library, and writing about it on a notebook computer. Technology is as technology does.

I’m not going to provide a lot of links today, in fact only four (originally, it was two, but then I thought of two others): the first is to another blog on which I’m a collaborator, Book Bloggers for World Domination, with a few other “book bloggers.” You can see the list of contributors there. The blog originated with this blog post over at Bookalicious in defense of book bloggers, because God knows (rolling eyes), we need defending from the authors, publishers, teachers and librarians who are our mortal enemies (um, yeah, wait, I work at a library too…hmmm, let’s scratch librarians from that list, well, at least, so I can keep my job at the library).

The last two links which I’m going to provide are in reference to another collaboration I’m going to be undertaking within the next week. I’m going to be getting into bed with a bookseller via this idea from the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance. The bookseller, in this case, is From My Shelf Books in my hometown of Wellsboro, Pa. More details to follow later this week as we work them out, but it ought to be kinky with both Kevin and Kasey, the owners there. Rowr.

3 responses to “Reading The Accidental Billionaires and getting ready to get in bed with a bookseller (TSS)

  1. Very curious about this book, too. Haven’t seen the movie…always like to read the book first.

  2. I’m eager to read your thoughts on this one…haven’t read it, but did see The Social Network.

    Now I’m off to click on some of your links.

    Here’s my SUNDAY SALON