Just so I can have a Post a Day for the Daily Post.

I’ll be back tomorrow when I’m more sober….and Netflix telling me that the movie Last Tango In Paris is like the TV show The Da Vanci Inquest makes more fucking sense than it does now.

Um, none.

We’re off to watch Third Rock from the Sun, Season 1, although I think from what I barely remember that it got better in later seasons.

Was this a good idea? Um, I doubt it.

8 responses to “Blah

  1. I think the Blah headline works on many levels. It pretty much sums up how I feel.

    I only remember watching several of episodes of Third Rock but then again I don’t remember much of anything from the nineties, or the eighties or even the seventies. Didn’t we just celebrate forgetting another year.

    Now that I know you can watch streaming episodes on Netflix, I’m going to add it to the queue. Thanks!!!

    • unfinishedrambler

      Now that I’m sober today, I think I agree with others who remember watching the show, that the earlier ones were better. I think the middle ones, they started to hit their stride, and then the later ones, of course, they fell apart.

  2. I’m with Jeremy on 3rd Rock.

    Sober up, Dude.


  3. I actually thought the earlier seasons of Third Rock were much better, if I remember correctly! Of course, we sort of dropped off watching it after the first couple of seasons, can’t remember exactly why though. After I saw your post last night, I checked Netflix to see if Third Rock was available for online streaming, and was glad to see that it is. I’ll have to start watching it again!

    • unfinishedrambler

      Now that I’m sober, I think you do remember correctly, Jeremy. It fell apart toward the end, but that’s the case with most shows — and that’s why they end, of course.

  4. Why ofcourse it was !

    I mean, you have to keep you your commitment right ? And there’s readers that keep track of your posts. And because you promised 365 days of entertainment, they expect it.

    Now ofcourse, you can’t be always like “The Daily Post with Unfinished” … you don’t have a team to do that like Jon Stewart
    So it’s ok to simply go ‘Blah’ for a day.

    Just like the unexpectedly long comment you get for just saying ‘Blah’ !
    Like, who’s more sober now ya ? ya ? ya ? And I don’t even do alcohol… !!!

    Anyway, I’ve never seen Da Vinci’s Inquest so can’t compare that to Last Tango in Paris … which I found a bit of a bore. You swore.

    I like Third Rock From the Sun – still one of my favourite shows. Still funny.

    So yea, sure it was a good idea. ‘Blah’ to you my friend !

    • unfinishedrambler

      Jaffer, thank you, for your sober response to my post. If I did have a team like Jon Stewart, you would be the head writer. I’ve only seen one episode of Da Vinci’s Inquest, but I know it’s nothing like Last Tango In Paris, which I haven’t seen either, but I don’t want to see because I really don’t want to see Marlon Brando naked.